Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Google Apps for Education – Excellent Applications for Education

The three C's is the base of education system 1) Communication 2) Collaboration and 3) Customization. Google believes that these three C's with Google Apps for education can change education style. Earlier, teacher used to teach and student grasp things in an anticipated manner but now teacher staff and students work together to know more and learn effectively. Google Apps for education is basically a solution for integrated communication and collaboration.

A hosted solution offered by Google to number of schools recently by which emails, calendar, chat; done through Google Apps for education. These Apps are very famous in students and teachers. They love to use as it is available with improved email and collaboration services, cost effective, private and secure, real-time innovation, globally collaborated etc. According to US News & World Report
Approximate 61 out of 100 top schools are using Apps for education on and off campus.

There are number. of Apps available for education Some of the core Apps are mentioned here.

Gmail is email storage and search oriented interface that encourage students to communicate and share information due to its fast and instant messaging feature. It provides more than 7 GB of free storage space to individual account and supports attachments upto 25 MB in size.

Google Calendar
Calendar is used to remember and organize schedules, Google calendar is based on the same concept. Students can organize and share their schedules and events with others. It means stored events can be viewed by anyone from any location with Internet access.

Google Talk
Send instant message or call anytime, anywhere in the whole world for free. Easy interoperability is the main goal that Google wants to achieve. So the Students share their thoughts and communication done properly and it is being enjoyed by students.

Google Docs
Documents, spreadsheets, presentations can be shared to the whole school or just within the community so that new technology, new information can be shared and spread everywhere easily. Basically Google docs are best for collaboration. Teachers can prepare collaborative type projects that would be highly beneficial for students through Google Docs.

Google Sites
Information sharing and learning is the motto of student and teacher, so that they can keep related information documents and work together. This web page creation tool helps in creating sites where teacher and student share web content and other information in one place.

Google video
This is proved that video learning attracts all age of students because it is more interactive than other sources. Google video is free video hosting platform as well as sharing solution that encourage students to learn more and more in a better way. It is an effective method and used by schools and other different organizations too. It increases internal communication and collaboration both efficiently.

Google Apps are the ways to enhance and promote collaborative learning and student teacher experiences. Google Apps are helpful in sound research and engaged students by the exciting ways of learning. Most of the Apps are free and much secure. Fairly, it is expected that Google never allow any unauthorized access to the private data of the user.

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