Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Apple's iAd 2.0 - Experience the new features of iAd Producer

Advertisement is the best way to connect users to the brands. Through advertisement customers can be attracted and connected easily. Rich media ads are more attractive and interactive. These types of ads engage, entertain and inform customers about the brand. T.V is one source where we can watch ads but now the new era is going to start i.e. tablet advertising. It means user can watch ads on their ipad, ipod, iphones and in result immersive impact of the ads can be seen. Rich media ads can be created with iAd 2.0.

Apple introduced iAd 2.0 on 8th Nov. 2011. It is basically a new version of iAd producer software. In simple words, iAd is a platform for mobile advertising and works as an alternative of Adobe's Flash. The first version provides interactive designing but iAd producer 2.0 is blessed with many features like animation tools, code-editing improvements, simulator, page objects, project validation, Advanced JavaScript editor, an Object List and many more. It automatically manages the HTML5, CSS3, Javascript to make ad content beautiful. The new validation tools are built in it which make it better and faster and easily identify common errors also. iAd producers have made it possible that without any programming an interactive iAd content can be designed and assembled.

Exciting features of iAd producer 2.0 software :

Effective animation Tools
It includes new animation tools and is as easy as selecting in/out animations for the page. By controlling timings of in/out animations a better effect can be created for the ad content. Sophisticated effects can be created by animating few object properties like size, color, shadow, position, opacity.

Powerful JavaScript Editor
The software allows advanced Javascript editing tool with auto-completion, syntax coloring, and auto-indent. This editor is also helpful in providing quick access of Javascript source file of the project.

Object List
It provides single click access to the page objects. Current page object shows on the object list. Throughout the ad, object list provides quick access of the objects.

Validation Tools
Validation tools identify common errors before submitting content to the iAd Network. The tool checks automatically a few things like image assets type and size, configuration of page and components. It helps in providing the best possible experience to the user.

Page templates
For page layout and banners dozens of templates are already available. Video carousels, maps, and interactive image galleries type advanced iAd page templates are also offered here. User can create his own motion rich artwork for better and interactive experience.

Apple's iAd producer 2 is a revolutionary change in the advertising world. More motion rich and interactive ads are on the way. Version 2.0 brings a number of improvements and enhancements to the animation and visual design editor and is full of exciting features. Experts believe that it is the starting of tablet advertising era. iAd 2.0 is free to download for registered iOS developers from Apple's website. It is time when advertising takes on a whole new meaning.

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