Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tools to Enhance Skype Usage

Skype is a peer to peer VoIP software application that facilitates subscribers to make video and voice calls over the Internet. Using Skype users can make calls to any mobile or traditional land-line phones and also have additional facilities like instant messaging, file transfer and video conferencing.

Here are some tools that you can use to enhance the functionalities or add some new features to Skype. Almost all of these tools require Skype 3.0 or higher and Windows Operating System.

SAM – Answering Machine: An answering machine for Skype that records voice messages and conversations. It comes with inbuilt lie detector and you can also setup video greetings. Windows Media Player is required for using this tool.

Media Controller:  It is a media controller tool that pauses, stop or decrease volume of the media player such as Winamp, WMP, iTunes at any incoming call and resumes to normal when call ends. It is a resource eater tool that may affect your system's performance.

Call4Mail E-mail Reader: Using this tool you can manage your email account via voice activated interface. All the messages you received will be converted into natural human voice and you can get them on Skype or on your phone. You are provided with list of options where you can choose which mails you want to listen and which you want to skip. You can also reply any email that is being recorded and sent back as an email.

Bluebell: It is a tool using which you can receive calls on your Skype account from your bluetooth headset. When you receive any all the name of the caller will be announced through your headset. You can also make calls through voice dialing, you just need to speak the name in your Skype contact list to whom you want to make the call in your bluetooth headset and your call will be initiated by bluebell.

Skip2PBX: By using this software you can integrate PBX system with Skype. It supports various hardware PCI cards like Digium, Sangoma, Diva EICON and provides free Skype-to-Skype, Slype-In and Skype-Out calls using traditional phone sets. It supports 60 2 way communications at a time. It si also featured with API, mp3 recording and many other features.

Using these tools you can add more functionality to Skype and work efficiently. Some of these tools are paid but may worth your time and efficiency.

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