Monday, July 18, 2011

Steps to Change the location of Exchange database file in Exchange Server

In Microsoft Exchange Server, a database store is created with the combination of two files: an EDB file and an STM file. These files work together to store all information of the users in the form of Mailboxes.

By default the Exchange server 2000/2003 set up program is installed under C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr directory folder. And with the increase in size of database, some issues related to hard disk performance and redundancy arose. To prevent this situation you need to move or change the location of your Stores. If you want to change the location of the database (stores) files, use the following steps:

1.  Begin Exchange System Manager (ESM)

2.  Now select the Server on which the database is stored
3.  Locate the Exchange storage group (ESG) that have the Exchange database.
4. Select this database and right click on it.
5.  Open the Properties and click on the Database tab.
6.  Browse the new location for the database files and click on OK or Apply button to complete the process.

7.  When you clicked OK or Apply option, an warning message will appear on the screen:
You are about to perform the following operation(s)
change the Exchange database location
change the Exchange streaming database location
To perform the requested operation(s), the store must be dismounted which will make it inaccessible to any users.

Do you want to continue?

8.  If you are sure, choose Yes otherwise click No.
9.  After clicking on Yes, the information stores are dismounted automatically and moved to new location.
10.  A successfully message would be generated once you completed these procedures.
The database files have been moved successfully
11.  To complete the process click on Ok button

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