Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Create Calendar Entries or Appointments from E-mail messages in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Calendar works as a great task organizer and let you manage your meetings, appointments in an effective way. You can create your calendar entries or appointments by selecting time range and define its purpose. Usually the process of creating calendar entry is pretty simple. However there might be some cases when you want an email to directly add as a calendar entry. Outlook makes this possible in an easy manner and do not require complex steps.

Significance of this feature : Using this feature you can automatically add an email message directly to calendar as an appointment. You just have to set Date,Time, Subject etc. and add this appointment. This saves time and the extra effort to create a new appointment, copy, paste the information into the new appointment.

You can transform an e-mail to a calendar entry by just dragging and dropping. Below is the screen shot explanation of the steps involved:

1.  Click the received e-mail which you want to create as an appointment and drag it to calendar icon. Also if To Do Pane (right side of the screen) is used then you can directly drag the email into the particular date of calendar view. This automatically sets date and saves time.

If you dropped it to the calendar icon; New Appointment window opens. 

 2.  Enter the Date, Time etc. and click on Save and Close

It's done, your email has being saved as an calendar entry

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