Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cosmic Panda – YouTube to get new look and design

Cosmic Panda is the new experiment by Google for YouTube. Through this experiment Google is trying to redesign the YouTube interface to make it more happening and interesting to the users. It is latest “TestTube” experiment. YouTube unveiled Cosmic Panda, the experiment of new era in July, 2011. It is in experimental phase and people can give their suggestions for changes in it. The popularity of YouTube can be known from the fact that everyday approximate 3 billion views logged in on YouTube.. This clearly indicates that people love to share videos on YouTube.

The whole team of YouTube is trying hard for the new stunning look. Constant experiments, tweaking made it like what we all are looking now. It is open invitation from YouTube for everyone to play along with them via participating TestTube experiment. Cosmic Panda experiment is offering totally different look including channels, videos, playlists and editing tools.

Over the double rainbow when a user follows the Cosmic Panda can expect following given points:-
  • With the new interface, watching videos and playlist will be a new experience.
  • More and more editing tools and page designs are available now to customize users channels.
  • Users can uninterruptedly watch videos even when moving among channels, videos and playlists but this feature is applicable for Chrome users only.
The largest change of cosmic panda is in channel customization. Various templates can be added by cosmic panda to YouTube channel customization option. User can choose among any of these four templates. These four types of templates are mention below:-

Creator : A group of playlists. This is useful for those users who want to organize the content into categories or playlist.

Blogger : This template shows a reverse chronological vlogroll of a playlist or your recent activity. This template optimized for those users who primarily update single playlist like basic curators, Vloggers etc.

Network : A video above a group of channels. This is appropriate for the user who would like to highlight multiple channels.

Everything : A video above a group of playlists with a group of channels below
It is expected that with Cosmic Panda experiment, new YouTube will be much faster and well responsive. One of the best features is its darker look at the background. Thumbnails are bigger now so that people can see them easily and videos can be enjoyed in three sizes not only two. All these new features will provide fresh look and feel to YouTube and will surely enhance its popularity.

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