Friday, July 22, 2011

Thunderbolt – A Versatile & Revolutionary I/O Technology

Thunderbolt Technology is designed by Intel and codenamed as Light Peak. It’s an I/O technology with extremely high speed and dual-protocol I/O technology. These dual-protocol Input/output technologies are PCI Express and Display Port. By the help of single compact port, this revolutionary technology supports high resolution display and high performance data devices. It creates new standard for speed, simplicity and flexibility. Basically Thunderbolt performs the task of an interface between peripheral devices and computer through expansion bus.

Further Intel and Apple Inc.'s technology collaboration brought it to the market. Thunderbolt is culmination of Intel and Apple's handiwork and support. It is bi-directional with high speed of 10Gbps. Thunderbolt is considered as a better technology than the USB port. It allows to daisy chain multiple devices up to 6 devices together. It can transfer data at very high speed of 10Gbps. For example, Thunderbolt takes only 30 seconds (1/2 minute) to transfer the whole high definition full length movie.

For data transformation Intel invented USB and PCI Express whereas Apple Inc. invented FireWire, these are highly adopted technologies by the world. But their collaborative invention Thunderbolt is amazingly powerful and most flexible technology ever seen in personal computers.

Key Features of extremely powerful Thunderbolt Technology
  • High speed I/O performance.
  • High performance display
  • High stream performance(Up to 8 simultaneous uncompressed 720p streams)
  • Dual-channel and 10 Gb/sec for each port.
  • Daisy-chained devices.
  • Bi-Directional
  • Low latency with highly accurate time synchronization

Apple’s new iMac and new Mac Book Pro is including thunderbolt interface. Now MacBook Pro and iMac both able to provide user access to high speed peripheral and high resolution display with single compact port. All these achievements are just because of the fundamental technologies on which Thunderbolt is based. PCI Express and Display Port plays the best role in Thunderbolt technology's success. PCI Express technology that is built into Thunderbolt, links all the high-performance components in Mac. Now external devices like video capture solutions or RAID arrays can be connected directly to iMac and MacBook Pro. Thunderbolt technology becomes ultramodern and ultra flexible because it provides two channels with 10Gbps speed on both direction, on the same connector. It is said that very soon we all will be able to connect Thunderbolt-enabled device host.

In layman's term Thunderbolt is useful because it provide the best transfer speed, lots of data backup can be perform in few seconds. Thunderbolt is able to perform task in a blink of an eye. Thunderbolt sets new standards with high speed, simplicity and flexibility. It makes user's life easy by “just plug and play”.

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