Monday, June 13, 2011

Schema.Org – Collaboration of Google, Yahoo! & Bing

Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft are three major Search Engine Providers. On June 2, 2011, Google has joined hands with Microsoft and Yahoo to form a collaboration named as to provide better results to users and webmasters. The site contains collection of schemas i.e., html tags and by using these html tags webmasters can easily markup their web pages, so that recognized by major Search Engines. Collaboration of these three Search Engines for the project is to make richer web together.

World's largest search engine operators Google comes together with Yahoo! and Bing to launch Its a website and made in order to understand easily by Search Engine Spiders and other parsers. Schema contains the elements of Yahoo! and Google simultaneously Search Monkey and Snippets. The confederation of three will provide better foundation support for the set of microdata types. Most of that are exist already and some of them have been created as part of the initiative.

What is Microdata?

Microdata is machine readable row data. It is unaggregated data resource.(Two type of data resources in terms of the structure or processing of the data content- (1) Aggregated Data, (2) Unaggregated Data). The basic meaning of the Microdata is “the data gathered on a very small scale such as for an individual( e.g., person, company etc.)”. It is most probably the original data recorded in survey or research samples, so that user can get profound knowledge of the search term. Search Engine shows exact information with the help of microdata.

"We are announcing, a new initiative from Google, Bing and Yahoo! to create and support a common vocabulary for structured data markup on web pages." Google said. is a resource for webmasters and developers those want to add markup to their pages. This On Page Markup enables search engines to recognize the data on the pages. So we can say Search Engines are dependent upon HTML Tags or schemas in ways improve more accurate results. Through this users get relevant information on the web.

In certain instances Google even using structured markup from microdata for example Google released recipe search by using structured markup from microdata. Cook time, number of ingredients etc., metadata are used for recipes to provide better search. The whole list of recently used microdata syntax and type can be viewed at website. The website contains approximate 100 new types of the markup and lots more.

Google, Yahoo! & Bing partnership for better search results was announced first by the Yahoo!. This is a great announcement for symantic web community because they laboured so long for structured data development. The whole process is to provide best and accurate results to the user and easily understand by the search engine spiders. These three major search engines leave no stone unturned to show accurate search results.

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