Friday, June 10, 2011

Intel's new Ultrabook – Unmatched combination of Notebook and Tablet

Intel, world's largest chipmaker has presented its first 'Ultrabook' at Computex Trade Show. It is said that Intel’s Ultrabook will combine the best features of a laptop and tablet. ‘Ultrabook’ will be elegant, sleek in design, light-weighted, portable and highly responsive. As per Intel Executive Vice President Sean Maloney “The "Ultrabook" will combine the performance of a laptop with "tablet-like features" in a "thin, light and elegant design,". Ultrabook will be less than 20mm thick and it will not cost more than $1000.

First Ultrabook laptops are expected to come at holiday season of 2011 as per sources of Intel. Intel is also expecting that by the end of year 2012 these laptops will account for the 40 percent of the sale of consumer laptops. As per sources, the new Ultrabook is of 2.4-pound and has an 11.6-inch display with the resolution of 1366*768. Other features includes mini-HDMI, glass trackpad, USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 port with 4 GB RAM.

The Ultrabook will be inbuilt with latest processors of Intel and powered by Taiwan's AsusTek Computer Inc. Initially Ultrabooks will use the current Sandy Bridge architecture and then later in year 2012 ‘Ivy Bridge’ processors will be used. After that in 2013, it will be based on Haswell, a new core processor design which supports longer battery and thinner design.

With Ultrabook Intel has taken a significant step to beat the demand for iPad and iPhone. The first Ultrabook will have 0.67 inches thickness while the thickness of MacBook air is 0.68inches. Intel has tried to match its Ultrabook with Apple's MacBook Air by combining the feature of a laptop with tablet.

Market for smartphones, tablets and laptops is expanding day by day. Definitely, Intel's Ultrabook will create a boom in the market of thin and light-weighted laptops and will create unprecedented user experience.

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