Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Twitter Enhancements - Better Communication and Networking

Twitter was launched in July 2006 and within a short period of time(5 years) it has been evolved as one of major Social Networking and Microblogging website. With its 140 character message called 'tweet' it enable users to convey the messages in real-time. Twitter has revolutionized the searching patterns and it is continuously making positive improvements to increase its user base. Recently, Twitter has announced to add some new features to improve its functionality and interface which includes Photo sharing, Follow Button and Search function change.

New features in Twitter:

Photo Sharing: Twitter has announced its new feature that will allow its users to directly put or add photos and videos in their tweets. This service will be powered by Denver's Photobucket Corp. So within few weeks Photo sharing service will be available directly from that will help twitter to boost their sustainability power and profitability. This Photo sharing service will be available for both desktop and mobile users.

Twitter's Follow Button: Twitter has added “Follow” button feature that interlinked with a particular twitter account. This feature will help users to find twitter accounts easily just within one or two clicks. Once you click the Follow button and it will show the linked profile, you can follow that person by logging in to your account.

Right now, Twitter has partnered with more than 50 websites to built “Follow” button feature. Some of these includes TV Guide,, Wall Street Journal, CBS News,, etc. It will help business organizations to make user aware about their presence on twitter and spread their online reach.

Search Function: Twitter is also changing its search function by including Firefox plug-in through which user can type a topic or name of a twitter member marked by a hashtag into the address bar. This will provide more relevant search and also show the other related relevant results in search. Apart from this, search results will also consists of photos and video along with tweets.

Definitely, building its own photo sharing service by Twitter will impact other third party photo sharing service provider like Twitpic and others. But it will really bring more users for Twitter. Also 'Follow' button and changes in search function will let user to connect and communicate with each other on a much wide scale.

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