Friday, June 17, 2011

Shop Online in a secure way with Google Checkout

Google Checkout is an online payment processing service that simplify and fasten the online purchasing system. It was made available first in United States on 2006 and later in UK. Untill Feb, 2008 it was free services for merchants. Google charged merchants 2.0% + $0.20 per transaction, upto May 5, 2009. Now it has been categorized on the basis of sales per month and the concept is “the more you sell the less you pay”. It is a faster, safer, and most convenient way to shop online. The buyers and sellers are very happy to buy and sell with Google Checkout. It shows the confidence of the buyers and sellers that he/she will not be robbed.

Features of Google Checkout

Coupon Creator: Offering coupons and discounts is the best practice for attacting buyers. Merchants create coupons right from the merchant center and specify discounts in terms of percentage or fixed and specify the information alongwith like "one per customer," "new customers only," and so on. To optimize better, the merchant can track coupons usage and get a report for that.

Email Invoice Produc: This is the best feature for both buyer and sellar. Suppose if a sellar has to send bill via email then it will be a task of just few clicks with Google Checkout. The sellar has to set a dollar amount for the invoice compose quick message and send it off to the buyer. Buyer will recieve the email and pay through Google Checkout.

Easily create Google Checkout Store Gadget: Google checkout Store gadget is for vendors. This gadget allows vendor to easily and quickly create online store. It is done by using Google Docs Spreadsheet. No need to do complicated coding and do not require technical knowledge. Vendor need to follow three steps:-
1.Sign up Google Checkout
2.List all products in the spreadsheet
3.Embed the gadget anywhere you want(websites, Google sites, bloggers)

No Multiple Account Requirement: With the help of Google Checkout there is no need to create multiple account and remember passwords for those. It requires single Google account where user has to fill the required information. Through this, user can shop easily across the web and can track the order and view the purchase history too.

Shop with Confidence: Here at Google Checkout, shoppers can shop confidentely without any fear of fraud beacause Google Checkout never share the full credit card number or purchase history with seller. Its fraud protection policy covers wildcat purchases made through it.

Commercial Spam Control: Sometimes user get unwanted emails from the marketer from where he or she shopped but here in Google Checkout user's mail-id is kept confidential. So there is no chance to get unwanted or spam emails.

Google Checkout is the most useful mean by which both buyer and seller can be benefited. It provides fast processing, excellent fraud protection and zero spam. Google Checkout is the platform by which user can make fast and secure online shopping in a much convinent manner.

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