Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Google Apps – Smart Work Environment to Increase Productivity

Google apps is an application service from Google, which has its applications in different sphere of life. Google apps includes a wide range of products from business to personal life and offers applications like Gmail, Google Talk, Google Sites, Google Calendar and many other in a customized manner. These applications are being used extensively and changing the traditional way of working.

Google apps Products are categorized into different categories like business, education, government etc. Some are free and some are premium with extra storage space and other features. Here some free Google Apps Products are given below.

Free Google Apps:

Google Calendar:- Managing events is no longer burden as through Google calendar all the events can be managed and tracked easily at one place. Your calenders, schedules can be shared and viewed by your family, co-workers and friends that has been shared by others with you. Calendar's customizable reminder helps in reminding the schedule by sending email or text message on the mobile phone.

Goolgle Calendar can be accessed offline and information can be viewed in read only format so there is no need for internet access. Recent update has made it more efficient with a new look. Rescheduling of the events, attendance mark up, schedule across time zones & schedule flight time, icons can be used to symbolise the events, automatic decline events (when user is not able to attend any event), gentle reminder are some updated features of the Google Calendar.

Google Docs:- Google docs includes spreadsheet, presentation, document, online form, drawings that can be created, shared, stored by the user. By creating all these docs user can work on its own or collaboratively. These docs can be imported from Open Office and MS Office. Google Docs can be accessed from anywhere like from computer or smart phone. Work sharing or real time collaboration makes the task easy and more faster. Recent updates like spreadsheet data filtering, discussion in Google Docs, Editing in 45 language via mobile, new chart editor and many more make it extra ordinary and more user oriented.

Google Sites:- Google sites is an application by which a secure web page can be created for the purpose of intranets and team projects. To create the secure web page, user do not need to do any coding or HTML required. Access to the Google Sites are available from anywhere e.g., from your desktop or mobile phone. Google Sites are helpful in organising teams and used to centralize the documents, spreadsheets, presentations, videos, slideshows and more.

Gmail – Gmail is one of the most popular email service of Google. It provides much storage space and various other features like spam filter, chatting including voice and video chat, task management, managing contacts and many other unique features.

Google Group:- Through this user can easily share apps like docs, calendar, sites, videos etc. with other employees or group. It can be used as mailing list and to share other applications and documents. User can control the access to content in order to manage its privacy.

Google Tasks:- Google Tasks helps in tracking tasks that a person need to do. Gmail emails can be converted into tasks. It is kind of simple list that can keep with you wherever you go. As there is no limitation for accessing Google Tasks so your task list will always be updated.

Google Voice, Google Wave, Google Contacts Sync are few more free Google Apps products that are available in this list. Google Apps is making our life very smooth with its amazing products. Changes in working environment are phenomenal and this tremendously helping in increasing the productivity.

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