Tuesday, June 21, 2011

No more one way network in Wireless Communication. Over will soon be Over!!!

Researchers at Stanford University had developed a new technology that makes wireless signals bidirectional and helps in building much faster and efficient communication network. This technology makes wireless network bi-directional that means wireless signals can be sent and received simultaneously on a single channel which approximately doubles the speed of existing wireless network. This setup is being first demonstrated at MobiCom in 2010 among world's top experts in mobile networking and won best demonstration prize.

We usually know that walkie-talkie users & pilots and air traffic controllers suffixes the world "over" when they completes their sentence and want next person to respond. This is because at present the wireless networks are unidirectional; that means at a time the signal can flow in one direction only on a specific frequency. But now the Researchers at Stanford University have developed wireless radios that can receive and transmit radio signals simultaneously.

The main difficulty in execution of this idea of two-way radio conversation was that the incoming signals overwhelmed and narrowed down by radio’s own transmitted signals. This is because at the time of transmission the signals are millions of times stronger than the received signals; which fades the incoming signals and you could not speak and listen simultaneously.

To by pass this issue, researchers think of filtering out the self transmitted signals, by doing so the weak incoming signals can be listened easily. As each radio can easily recognize what it transmits and hence it's receiver can filter out its own signals. All this process is analogous to noise cancelling headphones.

The technology will have major impact on the systems where it is being used. It not only doubles the communication rate but it also ensures the connection between more than two parties at the same time at same frequency. For an example, suppose two pilots are trying to connect to ATC at the same time at same frequency, at present no one can be connected because of conflicting signals but once the setup has been built to take advantage of the two way transmission, both the pilots can be connected to the ATC at the same time.

The researchers are continuously trying to increase the strength of transmission and the distance at which they work. After being fully developed there is no prediction of scope of the results.

So in near future we can expect not to hear "OVER" to take turns to speak or listen over a radio network.

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