Thursday, March 30, 2017

Top 5 Approaches to fix “The attempted operation failed. An object could not be found” Error

I have spent a whole day to find the fix for this Outlook Error “The attempted operation failed. An object could not be found” and now I have got the troubleshooting steps.

There are many aspects that cause this error like,

·         Outlook is running in compatibility mode,
·         Corrupt Outlook Profile,
·         Corrupt Outlook Data File,
·         Due to usage of bad Antivirus  

Here I have gather 5 tactics to exclude this error.

The Fix:

1.    Check if Outlook is in Compatibility Mode
The very first step to fix this error is to make sure that Outlook is not running in compatibility mode. If it is, then you should make the correction first. Follow the below steps:

1.    Click on start and put “outlook.exe” in the search box and the resultant program will open up

2.    Right-click on it and choose “Properties” from the menu bar

3.    A new dialog box open, click on “Compatibility”, check that “Run this program in compatibility mode for” is selected or not

4.    If the option is selected, then uncheck it and then restart the Outlook. If the option is already unchecked then, it is clear that there are other causes for this error.

2.    Create a new Outlook Profile

Sometimes Outlook profile got corrupted due to various reasons. So you need to create a new Outlook Profile to resolve this error.

1.    Close Outlook and Open Control Panel.
2.    Search and click on ‘Mail’ Option. A new dialog box appear, click on the Show Profiles

3.    In the next tab click on the Add to create a new profile. Later you need to add account. See the below image.

4.    After successful creation of Outlook Profile, Test your outlook by sending an email if you did not get any error this means your problem is solved and in case error still persist then you need to attempt another approaches.

3.    Disable Antivirus Scanner Integration with Outlook

No matter Antivirus helps your computer to work safe, but it creates problem to Outlook. Whenever you try to send or receive mail, the integrated Antivirus scans each mail, which slows down the whole sending/ receiving process. So I suggest you to disable antivirus or any other add-ins installed in your Outlook. After disabling Outlook, verify that error got over or not. If not, then proceed to next method.

4.    Repair Outlook
We assume that repairing Outlook will fix all the error or any wrong configuration. Follow the steps elaborated below:

1.    Firstly close Outlook and Go to ‘Start’ Menu
2.    Type ‘appwiz.cpl’ in the search box and hit the Enter button

3.    In the new windows click on MS Outlook and click on the Microsoft Office and hit the change button
4.    In the next window, Choose the ‘Repair’ option and click on the ‘Continue’

5.    When the process gets completed restart Outlook and then check about the error.

5.    Repair Outlook PST file by using ScanPST.exe

If above discussed 4 techniques do not work then, you should check the root cause of the error. However, you can take help of ScanPST.exe to repair your Outlook PST file. You can easily locate ScanPST.exe on your system by searching in Windows Explorer. Browse the PST file and then click on the Start Button.

When it’s done the repair process. Restart Outlook to check whether problem solved or not.

Use of Third Party Solution: Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair

In case if your problem still not resolved even after following all the above-discussed methods, then you can take help of third party Software. I have read the comparison review of a MVP about Stellar PST Repair and found that this tool is efficient for repairing corrupt Outlook PST. The software supports latest Outlook version 2016 and also provides the demo version which scans and shows the preview of recoverable items.


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