Wednesday, July 27, 2016

How Can We Protect PST File from Oversized Error in MS Outlook?

MS Outlook is undeniably an appreciated email program, however, bogs you down with various problems that you fail to fix adequately. 

Consequently, multiple errors occur can report in MS Outlook premises. For e.g.

Outlook.pst cannot be accessed – 0x80040116.

Error code 0x80040116 is for timeout failure which you get when you attempt to send or receive any message in Outlook. 

Cause of the Error:

The above error crops up when you make an attempt to access an Outlook PST file that is corrupted or damaged. Corruption of Outlook file happens when the file has exceeded its size limit; such file is commonly known as an “Oversized PST”.

May some users get confused with the term 'Oversized'? So let's read on to find out more about the concept of “Oversized PST File”.

We use Outlook to send or receive emails, to create calendar entries, to store contacts, notes, tasks and many such useful things. But have you ever thought that the Outlook application you use in your daily life must be using something to store all its email data? All the information storage of the application is done in PST file. Though all the data is stored in the PST file but it also has some limitations to storing data. Whenever data stored in the PST exceeds the set limit, it is called Oversized PST. Various Outlook versions have been released since the inception and each of them has varying PST file size limits. Below section demonstrates the same:
  • “MS Outlook 2002 and older versions: 2 GB
  • MS Outlook 2003 & 2007: 20 GB
  • MS Outlook 2010 ,2013 & Outlook 2016: 50 GB”
As you see that later versions offer increased PST file size limit, yet the limit is not sufficient when it comes to organizational emails where thousands of emails may be exchanged every day. Another point to note is when the file reaches or exceeds its prescribed limit, size-related issues occur. Though you can check the size of PST file anytime but if you do not do checking of PST size or do not take corrective action in regards to Oversized PST, Outlook starts giving you some symptoms about oversized PST.

Symptoms of Oversize PST:
  • Sluggish Outlook Performance
  •  Error code 0x80040116
  • The file xxxx.pst could not be found
  •   Data error. Cyclic redundancy check.

Preventive Tips:

It is always advisable to consider precautionary measures before problems occur. In this context, an intelligent concept of 'Reducing the size of PST' is useful. So, whenever you think that size of PST is exceeding the advisable limits, you can reduce it by “Compacting the PST”. So, by compacting the PST files you can avoid the size-related problems, and hence corruption.

Final Solution:

Whenever the PST file gets corrupt, you will lose access to all the data it stores. Luckily, Microsoft offers an inbuilt utility Inbox Repair Tool (Also known as “Scanpst.exe”) to repair a corrupt PST file. This tool can repair both PST as well OST file. But unlike any other tool, scanpst.exe may fail to repair corrupted file due to some limitations.

In my opinion, Stellar Outlook Toolkit is a better solution for you. It can fix all issues which are related to PST (Personal Storage Table) in Outlook 2013 and previous versions.


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