Monday, September 28, 2015

Steps to Backup Emails, Contacts and Items in MS Outlook

Regular Backup always ensures the existence of important data at right time and place. As forgetting the things is the human nature so make the golden rule to take the Outlook backup on regular basis. The overall objective belongs to consider an environment where you have no fear with data loss. The amazing facts regarding this incident are that users have realized the importance of Outlook data in case of file crash. But Most of users have no idea about right methodology for backup especially in Outlook. In unanticipated environment, no one has ability to forecast problems that may be resulted with your working mail application. Data availability is considered on high priority for businesses survival. With safety point of view, you have needed to perform a daily exercise with Outlook backup task.
Honestly, you should follow the steps recommended below to maintain recently updated data alive. 

1- Create a new PST file:

In this step, take backup of entire items in a Personal Folder (.pst file). To accomplish this task, go through following steps:
  • Reach on File in Outlook menu-bar
  • Then New → Outlook Data File
  • Select type of .pst file for compatibility
  • Now click on “OK
  • Specify the location for newly created .pst file
  • Mention the name and save on specified place
  • Click “OK”
After completing these steps, PST file is stored at local drive of your computer. 

2- Move emails to newly .pst file: In this phase, your responsibility to move all messages to new personal folder (.pst). Here you have no need to put additional effort. Just drag your received messages from Inbox to 'Personal Storage Table'.

3- Do not forget to take backup of 'My Documents' folder:

 You should take backup of 'My Documents' folder. For this go to start button then reach at 'My Documents' via 'All Programmes'. From here you can take backup of required .pst files.

4- Use search option in Window:

By using this approach, you can gather all .pst files. Select those copies that you still not backup.

5- Backup of existing Outlook data file

In Outlook mail application, all data like messages, files, attachment or contacts are stores in “Personal Storage Table”. You can find this table in the way:
  • File → Open → Outlook Data File
  • Click .pst file for which you want to initiate backup process
Backup is a good step that relies on the data availability concern. If you avoid these tricks, you could face partially or completely loss with data. At this stage, you would realize the importance of backup procedure and willingness to recover your lost data at any cost. In conclusion, drawing backup process in your hand and remove the chances of losing your crucial data.


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