Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Reset new Password on MS Outlook PST File

In this era of the Internet, emails have become the best mean to carry out internal as well as external communication in the organizations. For smooth email communication most of the organizations use MS Outlook as their email client. MS Outlook is designed in a way that it completely fulfills the requirements of a professional user, like it facilitates a user to maintain a list of contacts, create calendar for his/her assignments, make notes, etc.

Moreover, it maintains a copy of user mailbox on user’s local hard drive in PST (Personal Storage Table) file folder. If a user wants, then he/she can password protect his/her PST file and prevent it from unauthorized accesses. A user has to provide the password of PST file every time he/she starts Outlook. However, for the convenience of user, Outlook provides auto-save option by which, a user can save the password of PST file and does not need to provide password every time.

But, sometimes users lose the password of their PST file, when they move their Outlook to some other computer or reinstall their computer. In addition, if they have not checked the auto-save option, then many times situations of forgetting the password are seen. These situations render inaccessibility of your entire Outlook data.

Unfortunately, Outlook does not provide any feature to recover lost or forgotten password. However, you need not panic as there are Outlook password recovery tools available online.

These tools have full potential to recover the lost or forgotten password of Outlook PST file and enabled with some alluring features like:
  1. An efficient tool generally provides a set of usable passwords. You can use any of the passwords from this list and get the accessibility of your Outlook back.
  2.  If you have forgotten the location of your PST file, then some tools facilitates you to search the PST file in your system.
  3. Reliable PST password recovery software has simple and intuitive user interface and facilitates easy recovery of the password.
  4. Most of the professional tools support almost all the versions of Outlook and are compatible with even the latest version of email application (Outlook 2013) on Windows 8.1 PC.

A handful of Outlook password recovery tools are available online, and if you keep the above points in your mind while selecting the software, then you will get the best Outlook or PST password recovery software for sure.


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