Thursday, January 29, 2015

Green Software Engineering: Future Scope of Cloud Computing

Green software’s are environment friendly which is build by keeping in mind the different elements to protect the environment. Green software has the functionalities which make the organizations to ensure less impact on environment. Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Oracle are some of the prominent names who are making continuous efforts to deliver the products which are environment friendly and consume less resources. Among all these, IBM is involved in building both hardware and software products.

Green Software works as monitoring systems that enhances the operational efficiency within an organization to make it more sustainable and profitable. Some of the Green software monitors the emission so that organizations could certify this to the government. While other advanced Green software also suggests the proper measures that could be taken by a company to reduce the pollution. The software creates automatic emails and alerts to the concerned person about the level of carbon emission by machine so that it can be maintained as per specified standards.

Some of the names in the list of Green Software are Sustainable Spaces, Intermolecular, Autodesk, eMeter, Architectural Energy’s SPOT, GeoMation, Toyota’s Prius Dashboard, GridPoint, eSolar etc. Further in Feb, 09, Microsoft offered “environmental dashboard” which gives information about the carbon dioxide emission. Different ERP software also has been introduced by SAP, which monitors the impacts of hardware on environment and monitor power consumption.

Recently, as a significant effort to increase market share in Green software, SAP AG(SAP) has announced that it will target $11 billion (7.5 billion-euro) market for products that will help companies to have less effect on environment and enhance productivity. SAP's sustainability software is one of the fastest growing product segments of company and being widely used by customers. SAP is helping to make clean and healthy environment with its acquisitions of Clear Standards which makes carbon-management software and Technidata. They are also planning to acquire more such companies in future. Energy efficient software of IBM is also gaining popularity in the green software market. 

Therefore, Green software has the capabilities to help companies to use their IT assets to enhance energy efficiency by reducing energy consumption. The efforts in the field of building Green Software are to let the organizations to achieve their goals with the purpose of making a Greener world.

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