Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Top 5 apps on Google’s Android Phone

Android is a Linux based operating system designed basically for touch screen mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers. Nowadays, when people go to buy a phone their first demand is that it should be an android based phone. This is because of the numerous features offered by android phones which are also accompanied by amazing applications. Now every brand is trying to facilitate the user with more and more android based phones at a cost effective range. So that more and more people can enjoy the fineness of this operating system. 

Some of the top android applications which are as follows:
  1. Whatsapp: Whatsapp has created a great buzz among the android phone users these days. Everybody prefers this mode of communication. This application has gain attention over face book and Google in recent days. It uses Wi-Fi or your data network connection for sending messages. This application can be regarded as a quick and cost effective mode of communication. It is also embedded by great features which make your chat more interesting and interactive.
  2. Dolphin browser: This browser is comparable to Chrome. This browser is updated in recent days only. It offers Sonar, Gesture and Add on support. Sonar enables you to search, share, bookmark, and navigate with voice commands. This browser is as fast as can be for rendering web pages in perfect form, and has a unique touch system for improved web browsing.
  3. SwiftKey 3 Keyboard: It is very much understood that is highly required for typing session. SwiftKey focuses on the spelling or the word you are currently typing. SwiftKey looks at the context of your full message and guides you with the possible corrections that are needed. If you miss a space or type the wrong spelling SwiftKeyboard helps you out in that case.
  4. Amazon MP3: This is also a free application of android used to get free music on your system into a full-fledged cloud music playing system. This application picks the music from Amazon cloud music store. The app also plays music store locally on the phone for those not into the whole cloud thing.
  5. Beautiful Widgets: Android installs this application to give personal and beautiful look to your screen. You can install various things on your home screen like clock, weather screen, date etc. Also you can give you phone a different look by installing beautiful themes and wallpapers.
These are only a few applications of android from a bundle of applications. This way android is attracting more and more customers towards itself.

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