Monday, December 22, 2014

Best Features of Microsoft Outlook 2010

Current statistics reveals the success of Outlook 2010 with largest active users among available MS email clients. This version was released in July 15, 2010. In this short span of time, this email application has set a milestone of grand success. It also dominates successor version which is Outlook 2013. Its versatile feature encourages the users for denying any kind of switch towards newer version.

Have a look on high-end features of Outlook 2010 email client mentioned below:

1 - Advanced Ribbon interface
2 - Improved Conversation
3 - Increased PST size limitation for storing data
4 - Enriched with customized features
5 - Feature of social networking

Apart from these functionality, Outlook 2010 has done well improvement in notable corners like: task management, appointment and storage of data. The increased storage size for data was a big change with released version of Outlook 2010. The PST limitation in Outlook is 50 GB. The pre version (Outlook 2007) had 20 GB for storing all kind of data available in Outlook. 

Outlook 2010 also gives a handy approach for multiple integrated services like:

1 - Compatibility with mobile device: It is compatible with mobile phones so that a person can send any item in mailbox through a text message. It is possible because of Outlook 2010 gives a customized option of 'Mobile Tab' to configure with Smartphone devices.

2 - When Outlook 2010 stops to work: In case your Outlook application breaks then it is a sign of corrupt file. Now you can easily repair Unicode formatted PST file of Outlook 2010 due better support with third party software. 

In case of corruption, it becomes necessary to tackle spotted areas of a PST file as soon possible. It can be done through a utility that is designed especially for Outlook 2010. Due to a popular email application version among web users, most of software's vendor is targeting PST repair utility on the ground of better support in all cases. 

In case you are choosing an Outlook PST repair utility then you should be assured about the following:

1 - Having potential to reconstruct damaged structure: When an error hits a PST file then it completely damages the pattern of PST file. At this moment, a repair utility has responsibility to re-construct the badly ruined structure. In most cases, it is found that a Microsoft certified utility has such type of ability.

2 - Assurance to get expected results: You can get prior information to know that a particular utility is working or not through a free download. Many companies are providing free demo of their product to check efficiency. It is a worth-full step to find a reliable Outlook PST repair tool.

It is a true fact about Outlook that PST file is considered as a backbone for stable and robust email application. So, a user has the prime objective to protect and repair PST file at any occasion. So, avail a dedicated PST repair utility towards the subway of successful re-engineering.


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