Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mbox to PST Conversion: Requirement and Solution

Microsoft Outlook is the most effective and efficient email application to provide users an excellent platform for smooth and fast work process. Therefore, a large number of organizations are planning to move to Outlook rapidly to bring improvement in their businesses. The email clients other than MS Outlook majorly include Thunderbird, Apple Mail, SeaMonkey, Entourage, MozillaMail, OperaMail, Netscape, and many others, which are all commendable application but do not provide as easy & smart interface and features as Microsoft Outlook. For this reason, such dominance is allowing users to experience advancement.

If you are using above mentioned and other similar applications and wish to enjoy Outlook, you need to perform Mbox to PST conversion; let us understand why.

The aforementioned email applications uses Mbox files to store their email data, while MS Outlook uses PST file. Therefore, in order to switch from any of the applications, using Mbox to MS Outlook, you need to convert Mbox file to an equivalent PST that can easily be imported into Outlook. 

Mbox is a rich text file format that stores all the email data sequentially, while PST is a Personal Storage Table or personal folders file that stores all the Outlook data, including email messages, contacts, attachments, to-do list, notes, journals, and every other data item. The reason behind conversion is that Mbox file format is not supported by MS Outlook so if user wants to get all Mbox data in Outlook, it is mandatory to convert the file into PST. Moreover, it is also worth it to switch to Outlook because Mbox files are accessible on the operating systems like Mac, Linux, etc., but not widely used OS, Microsoft Windows.

The next important concern is how to convert Mbox file to PST. Unfortunately, there is no inbuilt method that helps you perform the conversion; therefore, you need to use a third party tool. Get the software downloaded from a trusted provider, and follow the instructions to install the application. Choose the options as per your requirements to perform conversion. Be careful while carrying out the process.

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