Friday, May 30, 2014

How to Create Backup of Email Messages, Contacts, and Address Book in Windows Mail

Losing the address book information and emails stored in your Windows Mail mailbox is as annoying as losing other invaluable information stored on your hard drive. This is the reason why it is always advised to maintain the backup of your mailbox data along with the backup of other information stored on your hard drive. You can create the backup of your Windows Mail mailbox in two ways:

  • One: Simple copy and paste method
  • Two: Exporting the information from mailbox to another location 

Though both the processes are easy to use and have simple steps, you have to be very careful as the entire email backup process may take large amount of time (depending upon the data present in your mailbox). Let us follow the stepwise process for the same:

Copy & Paste Method: Follow the below mentioned steps to copy and paste the Windows contacts or address book information:

  • Open Windows Mail and go to ‘Tools >> Windows Contacts’ from the menu.
  • Press ‘CTRL+A’ to select all the information present in the address book
  • After that, press ‘CTRL+C’ to copy all these selected items.
  • Open your desired backup location.
  • After this, press ‘CTRL+V’. Ensure that all your address book items appear at this location. 

Export & Import Method: This method is more efficient, especially when you want to create the backup of Windows Mail email messages. Follow the below mentioned steps to back up the messages by using this method: 
  • Open Windows Mail and go to ‘File >> Export >> Messages’.
  • Click ‘Next’ after selecting ‘Microsoft Windows Mail’.
  • Browse to the location where you want to store the messages and label it in a way that you get to know about the backup file, and then click ‘Next’.
  • Choose the folders that you want to back up. You can do this by holding down the ‘CTRL’ key and clicking each folder or by any other method as well. Then click ‘Next’.
  • Click ‘Finish’ for closing the ‘Mail Export’ process. 

Follow the below mentioned steps for backing up the ‘Contacts’ folder of Windows Mail with this method: 
  • Open Windows Mail and select ‘File >> Export >> Windows Contacts.. .’
  • Select the format in which you want to save the contacts.
  • Click ‘Export’.
  • Choose the field that you want to export with the file.
  • Click ‘Next’, and then ‘Finish’ for completing this process. 

Likewise, you can import the emails and contacts both. However, if this process is taking too much time, then use of professional mail backup software is recommended. A reliable mail backup tool backs up multiple profiles configured in your email client without taking much time. The easy to use and highly interactive user interface of efficient software lets its users perform the backup process without any problem.

If the above two methods (copy & paste and import & export method) fail to do any needful, then use of a professional mail backup tool is recommended. Use professional software and create the backup of your email messages and contacts without any problem.

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