Monday, March 10, 2014

Nokia X Series: Android Phone with Giveaway Price Tag

Finally, NOKIA phones are now available with Android OS. No doubt, there are many vendors that are holding a big share in Android market. But Nokia’s debut with releasing first ‘Android phone’ – Nokia X, seems like a definite success in upcoming days. Combination of robust hardware & software can make trustworthy alternative among available choices.

This phone enters in market with three variants that are:
  • NOKIA X Dual SIM
  • NOKIA X + Dual SIM

NOKIA X Dual SIM is available with technical specification as follows:

  • Camera sensor: 3 MP    
  • Screen size: 4''    
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon S4    
  • Talk time (3G): 10.5h    
  • Music playback time: 26h    
  • Photo sharing Option: Share over Bluetooth, Facebook, email attachment and Twitter   
  • Inbuilt apps: Viber, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat
  • In NOKIA XL Dual SIM, user has option to find enhanced specifications like 5” display screen and 5MP camera sensor.

Key Factors for speculation & future analysis:

It is true that these devices are using Google’s operating system. But Nokia X series phones have some unique features that are as follows:

1 - Developed on AOSP: This device runs on Nokia X software platform. This operating system is developed by AOSP (Android Open Source Project). It does not come as a part of proprietary Google code. So, it is not associated with Google Play store, Google Map etc. 

2 - Newbie Microsoft Flavor: Apart from customized interface, Nokia X series phones inherit some Windows phone feature like One Drive, Nokia Map & Outlook. So, it is a better option to two operating system’s functionalities at one stop. Migration possibility between Nokia X series and Lumia phones encourages the user to choose preferred device at any point of time.

3 - Fast Lane interface:  Through single back button, Nokia X series facilities the user to fetch quick update like events, calendars and messages in easy mode. This interface becomes more faster than Asha series phone. Apart from calendar & events, you can also find better experience with actions that are available in device.

However, you can also get this phone in desired available colors. In case of photography, its fixed focus is becoming little bit restrictive but picture quality seems amazing. Now days, no vendor has developed such device with high variation in Android market so it look quite different from crowd.  This device hits online outlets at Rs 8,599. On the ground of budget, it also seems a pocket friendly deal for Smart phone users.

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