Thursday, August 8, 2013

Google Glass- Experience a hand free device

Google Glass is a new invention of Google which has grabbed all the attention towards itself with its unique looks and quality. This device has taken technology to a new and a higher level. With this device you can experience the most comfortable and portable form of technology. Google Glass can be described as a wearable computer. It is a hand free smartphone which provides all the features and functionality in a advanced way which a smartphone provides.

Google has also added a special feature to comfort the user. Google Glass comes with a frame and confirms to match the glass with wearer's prescription, so that the user does not find any difficulty in using it. Some more fascinating features of this device are:

  1. Google Glass is not an extension of any Android smartphone or tablet, but this phone provides similar functionalities which you use in your day to day life. This device is a hand free device, which allows you to perform your task hand freely.
  2. This device is also capable of recording videos and taking pictures also. Just a word and Google glass will take a picture or record video.
  3. The video is automatically saved to the 4 GB flash memory of the device. And you can easily share these pictures or video on social networking sites.
  4. Google Glass allows you to see messages or any mail received and also allows you to reply to those mails or messages by giving voice command.
  5. If you are a frequent user of Google and you use Google for any type of question in your mind, then in that case you can find this device very easy to use. Because this type provide you the appropriate answer to your question by a voice command. This device also displays images if you want to see.
  6. Google map is in wide use, so keeping this in mind Google Map is also added in the feature list of this device. So that you can easily chart the route of your journey.
  7. Live video sharing can be done easily with this device. You can share the live videos with your friends and family in real time and make them a part of your experience.
  8. One very amazing feature of this device is the 'Translate' feature of this device. This feature is useful when you travel abroad, as it easily translate and speaks out any phrase or sentence you want.

Hence these are some of the amazing and exciting features of the Google Glass which grabs your attention towards itself.

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