Thursday, May 2, 2013

Micromax A 89 - A Budget Friendly Deal for Smartphone Seekers

Micromax A89 is a highly advanced phone with numerous features that are required for better functionality. This phone is a boon for all those who demands lucrative features in a cost effective price. This is a Android Smartphone which was launched in late January. This phone has also bagged a good position among best low priced Android gadget. Apart from price concern, its vast enabled characteristics can prove to be a better a choice with other rival phones. Some features of this phone are:

  1. Look of the phone: This phone has a rounded corner with a plastic black cover. In the front it has 4 inch screen with three capacitive touch buttons.
  1. Good Camera: This phone has 3.15 megapixel camera which is sufficient enough to take good pictures at a normal light also. Back camera is capable of taking good videos. Hence we can say that this phone is good for taking casual pictures or videos.
  1. Software used: The software used in this phone is android 4.0.4(ice cream sandwich). This phone also has a notification tray which includes toggles for setting such as Wi-Fi, Brightness, Rotation, Bluetooth, GPS etc.
  1. Performance of the Phone: The phone is embedded with 1 GHz dual core processor and 512 MB of RAM this facilitates multitasking on phone. Also you may not come up with this issue of system crash while working on phone.
  1. Battery life of the phone: This phone can last for 7 to 8 hrs at a single charge after the wide use of phone such as an hr of calling and email, twitter notifications on, playing game etc.
  1. Cost Effective: This is cost effective deal for those who want to switch to android phone at a lower price. Also you can experience all those features which you expect from a good phone. This phone is available at Rs. 6190 in India.
  1. Easily Text, chat and share: You can easily chat, talk and hook up with the loaded Hook-up application. You can also draw and send images, send voice notes, share images or audios.
  1. Expandable Memory: One effective feature of this phone is its expandable memory by which you can expand your memory to the desired limit.
Hence with amazing services, you can experience all the necessary and enhanced features in this one. So, explore the world through a superb Smartphone that can be easily purchased from limited budget.

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