Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Is Facebook on the way of Dark Zone ?

Facebook, an exciting platform that gives a new meaning to social trend is revealing mysterious traffic stats now-a-days. Statics shows that this giant networking site faces significant loss in traffic across the world. According to HuffPost live, it is reported that FB is losing millions of users included six millions in U.S.A. Only. Expert also claim that its steps repeat the history of MySpace. By depth analysis, it is found that there are numerous factors to see a big downfall in well running social networking site after a long time span.

The major factor that are considered a key role for degrading traffic on FB likewise:

1 - Strong competition with Google + - In Q4 result of 2012, Google Plus reaches up to 343 million active user that is a great achievement for newbie social networking site. User of this social site also integrated with You-tube video that a big reason for entertainment. This power packed combination is attracting millions of users from the different corner of world. The display network of new post seems slightly different that gives a new experience to user.

2 - Increased criticism by society: Facebook faces controversial issues in earlier days at high level. These issues either related to wrong comment or bad post sharing by unethical persons. Facebook also found responsible to increase crime rate in youth. An interesting fact comes out by surveyed of U.S. lawyer that in these days social networking site becomes a primary source of divorce. In this context FB bags top position to destroy even long stable relations.

3 - Human tendency for changes: After a long time, most of guys are usually bored with existing social networking system. In 2003, when Facebook got growth in market then MySpace was a big giant in social networking field. Right now, most analysts predicted that Facebook is steeping on the street of My-space. In current time, people migrate to new sharing site like Instagram.

A famous statement said by anonymous seems true that:
Audience follows changes, forgets legacy”. This approach would be become a great reason for switching of existing visitors.

Another fact that, current time other social networking sites like Google +, Twitter are looking far away from Face book milestone (Estimated 693 million active users). But the slow growth rate absolutely creates a big tension for the emperor of this big empire.

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