Monday, April 22, 2013

Outlook 2013 unswerving features and shortcuts

Microsoft keeps on enhancing the features of its all products. Same is done with Microsoft Outlook by providing latest versions. Every version is launched with some better features from the previous one. Outlook 2013 is the latest launch of Microsoft Outlook and it has many enhanced features from its earlier versions like 2010. Some of the enhanced features of this version of Outlook are as follows:

  1. Outlook 2013 is much more tablet compatible than Outlook 2010. This version of Outlook makes applications run properly even on less powerful devices.
  2. This version of Outlook has more efficient navigation bar makes easier access to the email for the users.
  3. Outlook 2013 Social connecter feature makes user connected to the social network by receiving new updates.
  4. Outlook has one interesting feature which is when you are online you can add pictures from services such as Facebook, Flicker etc without saving them to local PC first.
  5. A new feature in Outlook 2013 is Weather bar in which you can see the latest updates of the weather from the weather forecast. This helps you to plan your appointments or meetings accordingly.
  6. People card is also a new feature in Outlook 2013 which enables user to integrate multiple contacts in a single view.
  7. Documents are automatically saved in the SkyDrive this helps in such a way that when you sign in to the SkyDrive it remember you where you were lasted in the document.
  8. This version of Outlook makes easier to share your calendar so it becomes easier to arrange meeting and other works etc.
Despite of differences in the features of these versions of Outlook they have some common shortcuts. Shortcuts in Outlook are provided to facilitate the user and help the user to work faster on Outlook. Some of the common shortcuts of Outlook 2013 and 2010 are:
These shortcuts are for basic navigations:
  1. Switch to mail- Ctrl +1
  2. Switch to calendar- Ctrl +2
  3. Switch to contacts- Ctrl + 3
  4. Switch to tasks- Ctrl + 4
  5. Switch to notes- Ctrl +5
  6. Switch to Folder list in folder pane- Ctrl +6

Shortcuts for Search:
  1. Find a message or other item- Ctrl +E
  2. Clear the search result- Esc
  3. Use Advanced Find- Ctrl+Shift+F
  4. Create a search folder- Ctrl+Shift+P
These shortcuts and features of Outlook enable to work easily. With new features you can get the email communication much faster and in convenient manner.

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  1. With Outlook 2003 (our previous version) I used Advanced Find all the time. However, I type single handed and cannot use two-handed command such as ctrl-shift-f. I need something I can put on the toolbar.


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