Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Experience with Google Chromebook

With the growing technology trends, Google also decided to show the advancement in technology by launching an enhanced version of laptop, the Google Chromebook last year. Its embraced look and features made it a eye catching and a worthy laptop. Google Chromebook has brought several built-ins such as search, Gmail, You Tube, Hangout etc. Also you can customize your Chromebook with thousands of applications from chrome web store.
Advanced features of this laptop are:
  1. This laptop has the highest screen resolution than any other laptop which makes the display so vivid that anybody from unaided eyes can easily work on it. This enhanced laptop has a screen resolution of 239 Pixel/inch
  2. You can get the best of Google such as YouTube, Gmail and Hangouts etc.
  3. This laptop comes with an inbuilt virus protection. And it is always up to date with new updates every week.
  4. This laptop has backlight keyboard. The backlight keyboard and screen responds to both the room’s ambient lighting and how pixel is being use.
  5. This chrome book is made with glass touchpad which is the first thing you notice about this laptop.
  6. This laptop has high resolution touch screen. The layer of 0.55mm of fused directly to the display giving the best picture quality.
  7. This laptop serves with best sound quality. The powerful and high quality speakers are hidden inside the keyboard to preserve the sleek, aluminum design.
  8. It is light weighted laptop which is easy to carry in hands or on lap.
  9. It gives a chance to store your data on Google’s cloud storage.
10) This laptop offers good internet speed when you are connected to the internet.
Reviews across the World:
This Chrome book has received good appreciation worldwide such as India, Canada, U.K, USA etc. It is much appreciated for its impressive look. And when you are connecting to the internet it offers highest speed of the net connection. This device is easily available for purchase in Google play store. For someone who primarily works on browser and relies heavily on Web powered services then this is best suited for them. This chrome book is a commercial which featured something new other that those traditional desktops which works on window or Mac Operating systems.
Hence with so many enhanced and power packed features. This laptop can turn out to be a new experience to work. Also this laptop is embedded with so many enhanced features and gives an amazing look which drives the attention of every individual towards itself. So if you are bored with the old traditional modeled laptop and want to experience something new then this laptop is best in that case.

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