Wednesday, January 9, 2013

CSE 2013 – An exhibition to reveal innovative technology in world

CSE 2013 show is going on to provide an interactive channel among press, consumers and electronic industry. This consumer electronics show is held in Las Vegas and organized by Consumer Electronic Association. Here you have an opportunity to see each aspect of intellectual ideas of electronic industry. This show is organized every year in Las Vegas but currently this show creates a buzz in tech world due to bigger volume than ever. This event is laced with arrays of tablets, smart-phones,laptops and new inventions in electronic world. Most of tech companies have released their gadgets to show vision and presence for upcoming years. This annual electronic show also gives a strong debut to new companies in electronic world. 

With start of event, a ton of announcements have been confirmed from well known companies like Samsung, LG, HP and many more. From this platform, companies have decided to start their brand promotion for product that will come in market in upcoming month of 2013. A list of products that is eye-catching for people is:

1- Orbotix Sphero robotic ball – It is a boon for next generation of sphero games. With the help of robotic ball, you can experience a new edge of speed for smartphone game. It provides a strong interface for interactive games.

2 - Project Shield – It is a hand-held game device that is released by Nvidia Corp. This device runs on Android operating system.

3 - 84-inch touch table – 3M Touch Systems has introduced this awesome device with tag of innovative concept for larger view.

4 - IdeaCenter Horizon device – Lenovo has released the new product under IdeaCenter Horizon classification.

5 - Noise-canceling headphones – A headphone Soul SL300 has been displayed with two different themes Tim Tebow and Usain Bolt .

6 - LG GA7900 – It is a high-end model of Google TV. This device is operated with a Bluetooth remote. This remote has a keyboard as well as works in wireless environment.

Apart from these products, a lot of other products will be released till the last days of event Jan 11,2013. This tech event gives a glimpse of creativity associated with technology era. Now, user can get ready to see battle between new rivals and old giants in the gadget world.

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