Monday, December 31, 2012

Amazon's Kindle Fire – All specialities in a single mini tablet computer

It is not a hyperbolic fact to justify the versatility of Kindle Fire as a hub of features. This newbie mini tablet has been developed under the roof of, Inc. It is released in U.S., Europe and Japan on date November 15, 2011, September 6, 2012 and December 18, 2012 respectively. Till now, 700 millions tablet units are sold out. This statics shows a high popularity among tech users. In short, this device has associated with multiple features that have potential to attract customers without confusion. 

Let us see the set of notable features and its benefits towards a user's benefits:

1- ARM based latest processor

2- Cloud based storage

3- Pocket-friendly

4- Fast web experience

5- Easy interface

6- Vast compatibility with text content documents like PPT, PDF and e-books

8- Presence of strong web service

9- Huge game, music and apps for entertainment

10-Affordable cost

11- Popular among each age group

Apart from these features, some additional factors play a key role to boost the market of Kindle Fire.

1- Hardware: This tablet is working on new generation enabled technology theme. Due to unique and robust functionality, it supports multi-touch colour screen and long life battery back-up. You can store additional data in internal storage. The capability of internal storage is up-to 8 GB.

2- Software: The device runs on 'Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS'. This operating system enhances the compatibility of device with long range of file format and application.

3- Web services: Due to a secure web service interface, it is much easier to explore the online shopping and other online services.

4- Live update with business activities: This device helps to evaluate business statistics like data analysis, forecasting and interpretation. Now a day, most of companies helped by Amazon's Kindle Fire.

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