Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to control Junk Mails in Outlook Express with Message Rules

Emails are the most significant part of online communication for modern living. Outlook Express is one of the prominent and reliable application from Microsoft for home users and small scale business users. It offers a lot of features but still junk mails in your mailbox creates performance problems. Junk mails are unwanted mails, spam and unsolicited emails which have no importance for user.

To control junk emails in Outlook Express, there is 'block the sender' feature through which one can block receiving emails from a particular sender. But this feature does not work effectively if the sender changes the address. Creating 'Message Rules' is one another method through which one can block the junk or spam emails.

How 'Message Rules' works to control junk mails :

Through message rule option rules are mentioned to block the offending messages. This feature removes unwanted sender's messages and also those messages which are containing specific word or phrase in subject line or message body. Messages which are above the certain size can also be blocked. It can block messages which do not have own address in To and CC. Message rules delete messages directly from the server.

Creation of Message Rules to Block a Specific Sender

1.Select the message from a particular sender to block.
2.Select Message menu
3.Click Create Rule From Message( new window will open)
4.In Action box, scroll down for actions and select Delete it from the server
5.Type name of the rule in the Name box
6.Click OK

Info box will indicate the for successful rule addition.

Remember that messages will not get back after deletion because the message rules deletes messages from the server. There is no chance to regret after blocking the messages from that sender. However, in such conditions user can change message rules from the scratch.

Steps to create new message rule from the scratch
  • Select Tools menu, find Message Rules and click Mail
  • For new rule click New button.
  • Copy the existing rule
  • click Modify button
  • Move Up and Move Down button to arrange rules
Junk mails are not only send by people but these are also send by automated spambots. These automated spambots frequently send junk mails to make situation problematic. To prevent this, third party spamblocker tools stop junk mail by creating a proxy server between mail server and Outlook Express. Above mention methods and options helps to control junk mails. So that user can find fast and interesting mail experience.

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