Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Best Feature of Microsoft Outlook 2010 – Email Conversation Manager

Email Conversation Manager is one of the feature of Microsoft Outlook 2010. As name suggests, the feature is related to conversation. It simply offers conversation management. It manages large numbers of emails related to a conversation
with ease and provides a clean and fast access to the emails.

Microsoft Outlook 2010 has numbers of adroit features and capabilities through which people can stay connected and provides best management of task and time.

1.For Fluent user interface Expanded Ribbon is introduced and can be customize too.
2.Manage email account easily and automatic reply option.
3.Improved Conversation View to manage conversation and easily ignore or categorize the whole conversation.
4.Faster process with Quick Steps Gallery. Users can create customized button for faster performance.
5.Conversation Manager to clean up, manage and ignore conversation.
6.Mail Tips helps in avoiding mistakes which can cost a lot.
7.Multiple Exchange Accounts can be used with in an Outlook profile.
8.To-Do Bar is best to access all day events and appointments. Size of the bar and content can be changed.
9.Stay connected with business and social networks with Social Network Connector(OSC)

Email Conversation Manager:
Before explaining the feature of the Microsoft Outlook 2010 we must clear the concept of conversation.

What is Conversation?
In a very basic term conversation is the discussion of two or more than two people. Conversation is well known by the term email thread. It is basically complete chain of email messages which have the same subject line. To make it clearer, lets have a look at an example

'A' send message to 'B' and then 'B' revert to 'A'. All the conversation takes place in same subject line because 'B' answered 'A' on the same message.

Conversation Manager in Outlook 2010 is an improved feature and that helps in tracking conversation emails. This feature categorize and condense complete conversation with a single click.

Features of Conversation Manager
  • Collapse conversations into a single item to reduce visual information amount in Inbox.
  • Complete conversation can be viewed from every folder.
  • Allows to track, who replied to whom even in the complex conversation.
  • Through Ignore option unwanted emails can be ignored quickly.
  • Clean up option to trim down the Inbox size by deleting redundant and older data.

Outlook 2010 conversation manager provides outstanding emails and conversation management experience. It's clean up and ignore option works well in terms of fast performance and time management. Thus creating a joyful user experience!!!

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