Monday, January 2, 2012

Some useful features and shortcuts of Microsoft Outlook 2010

"Microsoft Outlook" is not just an e-mail program, but a professional communications center that meets the professionals and personal needs. The software includes calendar along with an address book which allows you to schedule and manage appointments, tasks and contacts. Microsoft released Outlook 2010 on July 15, 2010. For multiple users of a firm, Microsft Outlook can work with Microsoft SharePoint Server and Microsoft Exchange Server or can be used as a stand-alone application too.

Radical Features Of Microsoft Outlook 2010

1.Expanded Ribbon interface and can be customized too to better match your work pattern.
2.Backstage View helpful in saving attachments, access account settings, clean mailbox, and configure other settings etc.
3.Contact cards – shows details in pop-up menu of all message participants.
4.Conversation View for easy management of email conversation.
5.Improved To-Do bar with date header, events, splitter, indicators etc.
6.Social Connector to stay upto date without leaving Outlook.

Most Useful Microsoft Outlook 2010 Shortcuts
  • Switch to Mail by using CTRL+1
  • To switch to Calendar CTRL+2
  • Switching to Contacts CTRL+3
  • Switch to Tasks by CTRL+4
  • Switching to Notes CTRL+5
  • Switch to Inbox by using CTRL+SHIFT+I
  • Switch to Outbox with CTRL+SHIFT+O
  • Check names with CTRL+K
  • To send message use ALT+S
  • Reply to a message with CTRL+R
  • Reply to all messages using CTRL+SHIFT+R
  • To reply with meeting request use CTRL+ALT+R
  • To forward a message use CTRL+F

Microsoft Outlook 2010 is one of the most efficient application to keep in touch with others and to stay aware. New versions are introduced as the older ones are lacking somewhere or need to improve in some other aspects. Outlook 2010 also proved itself completely with unique features. Streamlined tasks, social connectivity, Quick and easy steps etc. are some of its other marvelous achievements. These enables you to manage your tasks much more efficiently and quickly.

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