Thursday, December 15, 2011

SIRI – An Intelligent Software Assistant with Latest Features and Limitations

An intelligent software assistant and knowledge navigator named SIRI founded in 2007 by SRI International's venture group . SIRI basically functions as a personal assistant application for iOS. Originally SIRI was introduced as an iOS application. On April 28, 2010 SIRI was acquired by Apple.

Now SIRI is an integrated part of iOS 5 and available on the iPhone 4S. Before Apple acquired the software, it had announced that the software would be available for Blackberry and Android-powered phones. SIRI works like a best friend to the user. It understands what you need and knows what you mean, everything you wish is its command.

SIRI is an appropriate personal assistant who is always ready to help you to get things done smartly just by asking. Your voice is the power required to send messages, schedule task(meeting), place phone calls and many more. SIRI is completely different from traditional Voice recognition software in which you have to remember commands and keywords. It understands natural speech and asks if it needs some more information to complete the task.

Let see how SIRI works and its best features:

Understands what you say
SIRI is like a best friend to you because it understands what exactly you want to say. You can talk to SIRI as you would talk to a person. It is simple like conversing with your iPhone. Lets take a few examples to understand it.
Like:- “Remind me to call Bret.”
“Tell my husband I am running late.”

Smart Enough to know exact meaning
SIRI is very smart because it is not only understands what you want to say but knows what you want to convey. Let say when you ask for the “good burger corner around here..” it will answer you “ I found a number of burger corners(restaurants) near you.” SIRI is proactive so it might be possible that it will ask you questions until it finds what exactly you are looking for.

A Great Helping Hand
It is a great helping hand because it does everything, assist you in what you do everyday. It can text your wife, remind you to call your doctor, can find directions etc. By using location services it looks up where you are, where you work, where you live also. It knows everyone from your contacts for example your family, friend, boss, co-workers etc. You can simply tell SIRI that “text Jenny, I am on the way” and it will send a message to Jenny as you said.

A Smart Personal Assistant – iPhone 4S takes dictations
As a boss you can dictate and SIRI will convert all your words into text. It means just use your voice instead of typing. You can update Facebook status, tweets or write and send instagrams also. You can use dictation for typing messages, search the web, take notes and lots more.

Never Lets You Feel Bored
SIRI is having dual-core A5 chip processing power and using 3G and Wi-Fi network to communicate with Apple data center rapidly. In result it can understand things quickly and respond you. In fact it can speak for itself too when you ask for, what it can do. Very easily you can set reminder, send text and check weather.

Limitations of SIRI:

1. SIRI supports only languages : English(US, UK, Australia), French, German. But it will support more languages most probably in 2012.

2. SIRI can not find out some specific locations. For example, it is not able to find abortion clinics.

3. It has limitations outside the US like maps/traffic data are not available outside the United States.

4. Accents related issues.

No doubt SIRI is an intelligent software application and functioning like a personal assistant but still it has some limitations too. Apple has already announced that all the services and languages will be available very soon. Still it is in Beta. 'Natural language interpretation' is the most useful feature of the SIRI. Surely its a great software application and no doubt future of the web.

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