Friday, January 6, 2012

Some Interesting Facts about Pegasus Mail with Its Pros and Cons

In 1990 David Harris and his core team released Pegasus mail – an email client. It is a donationware email client but earlier it was available as a freeware. Pegasus mail is well known as PMail and quite appropriate for single and multiple users on stand-alone computers. It requires minimum system requirements as compared to other competing products. It is suitable for internal and Internet mail on LAN.
This email program is available for Windows and DOS and is available in 4 languages English, German, French and Italian. Latest version 4.62 of Pegasus mail was released on September 6, 2011. With its powerful security and privacy features, PMail helps the user to be safe online.

Versions of Pegasus Mail :

  • Pegasus Mail NDS Enabler package for NetWare 4.x/5.x servers in NDS mode - v2.1
  • Mercury Mail Transport System, NLM version for Novell NetWare Servers - v1.48/v1.49
  • Pegasus Mail 16-bit for all versions of Microsoft Windows - v3.12b
  • Pegasus Mail for MS-DOS - v3.50
  • Pegasus Mail German Language module (16-bit version) - v3.12
  • Pegasus Mail Dutch Language module (32-bit version) - v3.12
  • Pegasus Mail Italian Language module (32-bit version) - v4.51
  • Pegasus Mail German Language module (32-bit version) - v4.61
  • Pegasus Mail French Language module (32-bit version) - v4.51
  • Mercury/32 Daemon Development Kit - v2.00
  • Mercury Mail Transport System (Win32 version for both Windows and NetWare) - v4.73
  • Pegasus Mail for Legacy 32-bit Windows Systems (98/ME/NT4) - v4.51
  • Pegasus Mail for 32-bit Windows Systems (2000/XP/Vista/Win7) - v4.62
Pros and Cons of Pegasus Mail

  • Includes Bayesian spam filtering.
  • Enhanced security and privacy features.
  • Manages multiple POP and IMAP accounts.
  • Powerful and versatile filters.
  • Bulk mailing facility through distribution lists and mail merge functionality.
  • Filters and preview messages directly at a remote POP server.
  • Supports TLS/SSL.
  • Messages grouped according to the set criteria let say thread, date, sender and many more.
  • Can view JPG, BMP, PNG and GIF format images attached to mail messages.
  • Multiple Pegasus mail users can be created on the same computer.
  • POP3 users can change their password remotely.
  • Supports MIME, uuencoding and BinHex encoding standards.
  • Automatic selection of mailing address to send a reply.
  • “Tree View” of multipart messages.
  • Features are difficult to access.
  • Meretricious interface.
  • No rapid search.
  • Not a perfect message editor.
  • Virtual folders and labels are not included.
  • Few small bugs are still there.
  • Hard configuration and time consuming too.

Pegasus mail is a well known standard-based electronic mail client which is suited for single or multiple users on the same computer or on the local area network. Pegasus provides multiple viewing options to its users. With all its pros and cons millions of users like it and are reaping benefits out of this service since 1990. It is a small and fast proven product.

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