Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Google Chrome 16 Introduced with Exciting Features

Google has introduced Chrome 16 with new syncing and user switching features. Chrome is now more popular and efficient Web Browser. With its frequent updates and new features Chrome is gaining more popularity even among existing browsers .
Already a Chrome user can easily update to the new version so that websites and applications run with lightning speed. It is completely free and needs few seconds to install.

Chrome History
Basically Chrome is a Web Browser that is designed and developed by none other than Google. It uses the WebKit layout engine. Layout engine is a software component that displays formatted content on the screen and it takes marked up content for exp. HTML, XML, image files etc. Three years ago on Sep. 2, 2008 it's first beta version was released for Microsoft Windows. According to StatCounter Chrome is the second most used Web Browser after Mozilla Firefox and very popular in South America. To assemble Chrome, 25 different code libraries from Open-Source project(Third party) and Google are used.

Acid Test
Acid1, Acid2, Acid3 all these three tests have been cleared by Chrome versions with all aspects of the test.

Most Exciting Features:

Translates the web page into your preferred language automatically.

This is a very interesting feature. You add an app on one system and access it on all your systems.

It does not matter where you are. You simply and quickly access your favorite sites anywhere.

Custom features can be used from all your computer systems.

surfing is more familiar just like your home page.

Autocomplete suggestion for most visited sites of yours.

passwords can be retrieved anytime you need.

filling is more easy with Autofill feature.

Theme color can be changed by you for more stylish look.

Speed and Security
Chrome is very fast and secure. It has the speed of light and all the latest security fixes.

As second most widely used Web Browser Chrome proved its place in the Browser world. Recently Accuvant states that it’s also the most secure browser around. It provides multiple user accounts facility. Chrome is the browser which combines sophisticated technology with minimal design. At last we can say that it makes the web world faster, safer and easier.

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