Thursday, August 25, 2011

Traditional Bingo, Say Hello to the New Digital Age

If you have ever played bingo in a conventional bingo hall then you know the system of buying bingo tickets and then discarding them once the game has finished, Gala Bingo believe that is method of playing bingo is outdated and bingo should be brought to the 21st century and digital age.

Gala Bingo already have installed touch screen computers in to the tables at their bingo halls so players can buy and play not just bingo but other games as well. The big bingo name wants to take this even further and provide hand-held units that will allow its players to walk around their venues while playing and they would also provide a more enhanced gaming experience. The tablets would not just allow the user to play bingo but also give them the ability to play a range of ‘Skill with Prizes’ games between bingo games.

When designing these new tablet computers Gala did not want to be just like online bingo which can take some of the fun out of playing bingo. A simple thing such as taking away the ability for winnings players to yell “BINGO” could really damage the game.

X2 is a fast and growing provider of high performance, rugged mobile computing solutions and technologies and were awarded the task of supplying more than 6,700 hand-held bingo tablets. X2 were able to meet all the requirements that Gala needed for their users.

Gala Coral said that the arrival of the new bingo tablets will significant reduce the amount of paper waste produced as each locating that users the tablets therefore being more economically friendly. They believe that the arrival of the tablets will attract a new generation of members by the selection of gaming choices that would be available. All in all the ROI would be huge.

Tablets have a 10.1” touch screen which would let bingo players to mark and buy a much larger number of bingo cards, the tablet would display the six most complete cards automatically first, and cards would be marked off with just a touch of the screen. In the UK alone there is expected to be around 100, 00 bingo terminals in use over the next few years.

Not everyone is for the new digital age and they hate change. Please let us know below if you feel that the introduction of new technologies will kill the bingo hall experience once and for all or revive it from near extinction. Bingo halls took a huge hit back in the day with the introduction of the smoking ban and then again when online bingo first hit the scene, maybe the introduction of new bingo technology is what bingo halls have been waiting for.

This is a Gust Post written by Craig, Craig is a blogger and also works for LovetoPlayBingo, an online bingo comparison site that lets users compare and rate online bingo sites.

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