Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Synchronizing Microsoft Outlook on two Computers

Outlook is primarily designed to fulfil business and enterprise communication needs. In various cases most of the users have to manage their work between two computers and they want to synchronize their Outlook between them. Suppose a user works with his laptop at home and a desktop computer at office. He wants to get the same Outlook emails and other objects for his laptop and office computer. Then the need to synchronize your Outlook arises.

Microsoft offers various utilities for effectively managing the working of Outlook. But the irony is that it does not have a built-in feature to synchronize Outlook. Still there are other ways by which a user can synchronize Outlook on two computers as mentioned time to time. Some of these are explained as below:
  • Use an email service that uses exchange server. Microsoft's cloud based service called Office 365 has offers SharePoint Server, Lync communication software and hosted exchange server. But users have to pay certain amount to use this service as this is not free. For business users this is a good option.
  • Outlook user can also set up Gmail account as an easy and free option. Set up Outlook on both computers and allow these to fetch emails separately.
  • In case user is using Microsoft Exchange Server as its email service then automatic synchronization of .ost file is easily possible between two computers.
  • Outlook .pst file can be copied between desktop and laptop but it will be an obsolete task. PST file can also be kept on thumb drive or a Compact Disk and can be used within two computers. But if the size of the .pst file is very large then this increases the risk of .pst file corruption.
  • Share only Calendar, Tasks and Contacts folder not emails folders by creating second .pst file, copy these items to the new folder and remove content of original Calendar, Tasks and Contacts folder.
  • There are some other third-party tools which can be used to synchronize the Outlook. These should be chosen after complete analysis. Moreover most of these are paid.

Some specific utilities and options are available to synchronize Outlook between two machines. However one must thoroughly gather the information and must do research before going for an option to sync Outlook.

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