Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Google Chrome 12 Features – With Secure web browsing and 3D CSS

Google has introduced its Chrome 12 stable release with more safe browsing features, improved security & privacy and 3D capabilities. Google Chrome 12 will now enable much safe web browsing experience with its advanced features to protect user from malicious sites. Also Chrome 12 is providing richer graphics experience with its hardware-accelerated 3D CSS. Among several improvements that have been introduced in the new Chrome interface, some of the major improvements are explained as below.

Features of Chrome 12

Secure Web Browsing: New Chrome 12 is designed in such a way so that it can identify the malicious websites and files. It will give you warning about downloading any malicious content from such websites which can harm your computer and lead to any inconsistent state. One good thing is that Chrome does not need to know the website or files that you have visited to detect the malicious websites. This ensures the both performance and privacy from user’s perspective.

Flash Player Data management: Chrome 12 will also provide the option to manage the Adobe Flash Player data which is called as Locally Stored Objects (LSO) or Flash cookies. Earlier this could only be managed by the Adobe website. But now it can be managed in Chrome directly.

Hardware Accelerated 3D CSS: Google Chrome 12 has also designed to support hardware-accelerated 3D CSS feature. This feature will help developers to make their websites and games more interactive and alluring. Google has also provided an experiment to check how it works named as “Shaun the Sheep”. In this experiment user can rotate, scale the video up and down to check how it works.

Apart from these major changes Google Chrome 12 has also introduced several other improvements like improved interface, new settings pages integrated sync and other security control features. Google is making considerable improvements in Chrome to make it more secure and user compliant. As per the sources since May 2010, the market share of Chrome in browser market has increased significantly. So it is much expected in near future it will provide tough competition to top web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari.

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