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Steps to Import MBOX to Outlook 2016 or 2013

Summary: In this editorial, we will discuss all feasibility about the conversion of MBOX file to PST through manual steps. This blog also explains the various limitations of MBOX email client like Thunderbird.

The MBOX is an archive text file which represents through .mbox or .mbx file. This file format supported by various email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage, Sea Monkey, Eudora and many others. As these are the most common email client used by the users. There are almost 25+-email clients having support of MBOX file. 
Reasons to move from Thunderbird to MS Outlook

Let us discuss the causes why users are moving towards Outlook from Thunderbird, mentioned below:

1. Microsoft provides wide range of features like Calendar, Contact manager that is not provided in Mozilla Thunderbird.

2. No calendar integration in Mozilla Thunderbird, while Outlook has in – built calendar feature

3. Thunderbird does not support full password protection, while Outlook gives the complete password protection. Therefore, Outlook is safer than Thunderbird

4. Thunderbird fails to filter spam emails, even by adding in it fails to work. In the case of MS Outlook, it prevents accumulation of spam messages and help users to find it correctly.

5. MS Exchange server is not supported by the Thunderbird, but with Outlook it is well supported.

Steps to Move Thunderbird to MS Outlook:

Manual method includes so many steps so user need to be careful while importing mails. Always backup your original data before conversion process.

Step 1: Open Mozilla Thunderbird on your Machine.

Step 2: Open the folder and the message which you want to migrate.

Step 3: Select the messages, which you want to export or select all messages in the folder by pressing Ctrl+A

Step 4: Now right click on the selected messages and then choose ‘Save as’ option from the menu bar.

Step 5: Choose a folder in which you want to save the messages in the EML format and then select ‘Select Folder’ option to export the messages.

Step 6: Now Launch Outlook 2016 on your Machine.

Step 7: In the main Windows Right Click on the ‘Outlook’ Folder and then select ‘New Folder’ from the menu.

Step 8:  Name the folder accordingly, Type in the ‘Name’ box and click Ok to create the folder.

Step 9: Select the newly created folder. I will be empty, as it does not contain any emails yet. It means middle Pane is blank.

Step 10: Now select all the messages, which you have exported from Thundered. As I told earlier by pressing Ctrl+ A you can select all the messages.

Step 11: This the last step, In order to import all the messages to Outlook click and Drag the emails to the middle pane of Outlook 2016. You can view all the thunderbird messages in Outlook after export process gets completed.

Alternative Method:
This method will help you to move Thunderbird(MBOX) items to Outlook with the help of IMAP account.

Step 1: Configure the Thunderbird account by using IMAP.

Step 2: Import the MBOX files in the account you have configured.

Step 3:  Now create a new folder and by using the Drag and Drop method move all the MBOX files to newly created folder.

Step 4: Open Outlook and close Thunderbird Application. Configure the same account on Outlook.

Step 5: Now click on Send/Receive button in Outlook and download all the data from MBOX to Outlook.

When all the data will get download in Outlook, you can access the Thunderbird emails in Outlook.

1.    The above methods are free of cost
2. For single user account, it can consider to avoid financial burden

1. Bulk conversion is not safe
2. Complex and Time Consuming
4. Partial conversion and probability of data loss
5. Must have the guidance of any technical engineer

Of course, manual methods are useful to reduce financial burden for personal users. As I think, large or mid business owners cannot comprise with the security of data. Even, majority of personal users also prefer to choose any safe migration methodology to ensure 100% data safety policy. In my knowledge, Stellar MBOX to PST converter is good option for speedy and safe migration. It also gives flexibility to use free demo to know about the efficiency of the software.


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