Friday, April 29, 2016

How to Backup Outlook PST File in Exchange and Non-Exchange Environment

PST is an Outlook personal folders file that stores all the email and non-mail data. However, the file may become damaged or corrupt due to various reasons and all the data goes lost. Therefore, it is important to create a backup copy of the file so that you can restore data whenever PST encounters corruption. Go through the following to learn how to create mail backup in Outlook.

 Steps to Back Up Outlook PST File

Following method describes the steps to back up PST file if you are not using Outlook with MS Exchange.

Step 1: Close all the running programs, especially messaging applications.
Step 2: On your Windows computer, click 'Start', and then click on 'Run'.
Step 3: In the box, type 'control panel', and then press Enter to open Control Panel. If 'Pick a category' screen appears, click on 'User Accounts', and then proceed.
Step 4: Double-click 'Mail'.
Step 5: Click on 'Show Profiles'.
Step 6: Select the desired profile, and then click on 'Properties'.
Step 7: Click on 'Data Files'.
Step 8:Click 'Personal Folders Service' that has to be backed up under 'Name'. The service name is 'Personal Folders' by default; however, the name may be changed to something else.

Note: If your profile contains multiple Personal Folders, consider backing up pst files of each separately. Secondly, if you do not see any Personal Folders and there is no information stored, you might have not enabled Personal Folders Service. In addition, if there is no Personal Folders and you are able to store data, your information is being stored on an Exchange Server mailbox. In this case, you need to go through the next section that describes how to back up a personal folders file that is placed on MS Exchange Server.

Step 9: Click on 'Settings', and then make a note of the file name and path. Note that PST can be huge due to being able to store entire data stored in MAPI folders. You need to reduce its size in the 'Settings' window by clicking on 'Compact Now'.

Step 10: Close all 'Properties' windows.

Step 11: Copy the file that was noted earlier by using My Computer or Windows Explorer. The file can be copied to any external storage, such as hard drive, CD-ROM, floppy, USB, etc.

Back Up Outlook 2010 PST File Located on MS Exchange Server

The following section provides steps to back up Outlook 2010 PST file that is placed on Exchange Server, perform the steps carefully:

Step 1: Open Outlook 2010 and click the 'File' tab on the Ribbon.
Step 2: Click on 'Account Settings' in 'Info', and click 'Account Settings' again.
Step 3: An 'Account Settings' window will appear, click on 'Data Files' tab.

If you see 'Online' mentioned in the 'Location' field or an .ost file path, it indicates that the data is being stored on an Exchange Server folder. Alternatively, if the 'Location' field consists of .pst file path, the data (new emails, appointments, etc.) is being stored in a PST file on the hard drive of your computer. Now, perform all the steps that you did earlier to backup the Outlook PST file in the above section. You now have a successful Outlook 2010 mail backup.

However, if you encounter any problems during the procedure or if you do not accurate results, it is a smarter idea to opt for an external mail backup utility.


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