Monday, May 25, 2015

Helpful Guide to Protect MS Outlook Emails from Unknown Error/Corruption

Users have passed nearly a decade experiencing Microsoft Outlook with a goal to benefit their organizations. Outlook has been a good application to facilitate an effective email exchange, however, there are times when users face some abnormal activities within the application or fail to access it. 

The post will outline a major reason of Outlook inaccessibility and methods to prevent the problem, read on to know...

PST, the Outlook Data File 

Personal Storage Table, known as personal folders file stores entire MS Outlook data, including emails, contacts, attachments, notes, and all else. This reflects that PST works as data storage for Outlook; however, some issues with the file restrict access to the entire application. As a result, users come across data loss. 

PST files are Susceptible to go Corrupt 

The reason behind Outlook inaccessibility is PST file corruption that may occur due to several causes, but the most common is PST file size, which is predefined for each Outlook version and once this size limit, is reached, the file gets corrupt, leading to Outlook inaccessibility. 

Well, you can try various effective techniques to prevent PST corruption due to its size. Naturally, your first attempt should be reducing the size of PST file. A large PST file is a pain, however, it can be eliminated by splitting one large file into several smaller PST so that all your data remains protected within small sized files. Outlook allows you to split PST file and reduce its size.

Secondly, it is but obvious to delete emails and other items that are no longer in use and you generally do it, thinking that it will result in PST size reduction. However, when you remove items even from Deleted Items folder, space taken by these items remains reclaimable that means PST is still of the same size as before. In this case, you need to perform PST compaction that will make the free space reusable. 

It is also mandatory to create a backup of PST in advance; it will not prevent corruption but data loss for sure. Other techniques suggest the following:
  • Do not shut down your system if Outlook is running.
  • Quit Outlook properly.
  • Avoid saving data to PST when it is about to reach its limit.
  • Install a capable antivirus.
  • Do not put PST on a shared drive.
This is all you can do to prevent PST corruption, however, if you have already come across corruption, it is great to choose a professional outlook repair tool that will effectively help you fix corruption and get the data back


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