Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Gmail vs. Outlook.com : Which Offers Effective Email Service

Google's Gmail has the 500 million active users around the globe in comparison to Microsoft's Outlook.com service which has the 400 million active users. Users of Gmail application is increasing rapidly day by day. To match up with the rapid growth of Gmail users Microsoft released a new age email service known as Outlook.com.

While Gmail offers the various different function as compared to Microsoft's emails services. These different features are listed below:
  1. Enhanced Email account security
  2. Protection from ‘Spam Emails
  3. Supports different protocols
  4. Speed
  5. Consistent layout
  6. Ease to connect with social gateway (Google +)
Enhanced Email account security: 

Security is the main part to protect your data in the emails accounts. In the Microsoft's Outlook.com email application users can set a maximum 16 character password. Where as in Gmail email account user can set the 200 character password. Its a big deal in comparison to Microsoft's email account application. 

Supports different protocols: 

For sending and receiving emails within a single consolidated email view for other email services, it is required to support protocols. Outlook.com only supports the POP protocol while Gmail support the both protocol such as POP and IMAP. Hence the Gmail users will be able to send and receive a variety of email as compared to Microsoft's Outlook.com email application. 


Every user wants speed to send and receive any emails to other users or save and upload any attachments in the email. In real time scenario Outlook.com takes a long time period to upload any attachments in comparison to Gmail. In different browser like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and much more Gmail allows file loading with a less amount of time and search items very quickly. 

Consistent Interface: 

In order to mail views and other views Outlook.com does not have any consistency. It will change its Interfaces during switches the mail view to calendar view. This incident takes place in beta version of the Outlook.com. On the other hand Gmail does not change its Interfaces when user switches from one view to other views. It maintains a consistency between the different views such as Google Calendar and Google Drive. 

In short, Outlook.com has to take a long way to match up with huge popularity of Gmail.

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