Sunday, August 3, 2014

Recover forgotten Outlook PST password to reclaim your Outlook mailbox data

MS Outlook is the most preferred desktop email client application from Microsoft, which comes along with Microsoft Office suite. MS Outlook features storing and managing your overall mailbox data including emails, contacts, notes, tasks, calendar, and much more in a single database file, named as Outlook.pst. This desktop email client application helps you read, compose, and save your emails and other mailbox data very easily. In fact, MS Outlook features easy and quick access to your mailbox data even if you are offline (i.e. not connected to the Internet).

What MS Outlook features

In fact, MS Outlook is bundled with many fabulous features that collectively enhance you mailing experience. Out of those, a few of features are discussed below:
  • MS Outlook database (*.PST file) is stored on your local computer, which facilitates searching for the keywords throughout your mailbox data quite easily as well as quickly.
  • Since MS Outlook facilitates configuring and managing multiple email accounts (such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo) simultaneously, you can access all your mailboxes at a single platform.
  • As mentioned earlier, Outlook stores your mailbox data locally (i.e. on your local computer). Therefore, you can read, compose, and save emails as well as schedule other email tasks (such as calendar and notes).
  • MS Outlook features easy and quick email attachment by simple drag and drop. Additionally, if Outlook is the default email client on your computer, you can right click a file and choose send to mail recipient in the context menu.

Why to prefer MS Outlook

Well, along with a number of fabulous features, MS Outlook facilitates you set a password to the Outlook.pst file associated with your email account. You may wonder what the need for setting the password to the Outlook PST file is. Well, the PST file associated with your Outlook email account stores all your mailbox data (such as Emails, attachments, contacts, calendar, notes, and more) and it is stored nowhere but on your local computer system. Therefore, if you are a professional or anyway, a typical home user, you certainly do not want anyone to be able to access your personal or professional email data. By facilitating password-protection for the PST file, Microsoft has made your Outlook mailbox data even secure.

People configuring their email accounts on MS Outlook are actually impressed with the features it offers, one of which is its password-protection feature. However, people are seen seeking help regarding Outlook password recovery when they forget their Outlook PST passwords. Unfortunately, MS Outlook does not offer any help if you forget your Outlook PST password.

In such a painful situation, where would you be looking for help regarding recovery of you MS Outlook account? Would you throw that PST having its password forgotten? Well, you would not be doing this at all, but looking a professional application for outlook password recovery.

Once you get a professional application to recover lost or forgotten Outlook PST password, you can recover your password quite easily. When seeking such a professional app, you find so many apps in similar category. However, make sure the one you opt for is reliable and you know how it is worked with. One recommended tool for password recovery from outlook pst file is Stellar Phoenix Outlook Password Recovery. 

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