Saturday, October 26, 2013

8 things that I like about Lenovo laptops

In such a short time, Lenovo has carved a niche for itself and has gained the leadership position in laptop sales globally. Interestingly, they have been able the do this when there's already long time players like HP and Dell.

An Option for Everyone

Instead of trying to fit one product to fit everyone's need, Lenovo manufactures separate line of Laptops to cater to different needs and price points. It has following categories:

Lenovo Essential series-These machines are built for general purpose usage with basic configuration.

Lenovo Ideapad-This series is for users who want to use the laptop for multimedia and gaming purposes.

Lenovo Thinkpad-This range came to Lenovo after the acquisition of IBM's laptop division. It’s for people who want to use the laptop for professional usage.

Available across various price points

This point is actually an extension of the previous point, but since thepricing remains a crucial point for any purchase, we’re mentioning it a new point. All the aforementioned series are available at various prices since they're targeting thedifferent kind of users. The essential range costs below 30000, while the Ideapad series is priced between 30000 and 60000, and above that price we’ve hybrid laptops. The Thinkpad laptops come at the top with price as high as 1.5 lakh.

All round package

Though the pricing remains a differentiator, Lenovo doesn’t compromise on the features provided in the laptops. Right from usual hardware configuration like processor, RAM, etc., most of the devices come with Webcam, which has become essential these days. The laptops are loaded with Windows OS, so users don’t have to spend more money to get an OS.

Availability of spare parts

Due to good sales of laptops of the company, its spare parts are readily available at both retail stores and online websites. So, just because ofa hard-disk failure or dead battery, the laptop will not become useless. Consumers will be able to replace the damaged part easily,and the laptop will be in perfect condition to use again.

Good resale value

Similar to automobile market, where established players like Maruti and Hyundai commands a premium in second hand market, due to their good quality, Lenovo laptops also get a good resale value in the market.

Latest technology

One biggest problem with laptopsis that they aren’t able to cope up with the latest hardware like processors, motherboards, RAM, Hard disks, etc. In that respect, Lenovo always brings the latest hardware in its laptops. It’s one of the first to launch latest 4th gen Intel Haswell processors, bring Solid State Disk for storage, USB 3.0, Wi-Fi ac support and more.

Constant Innovation

When it comes to innovation, Lenovo leads all the way. To maximize the capability of touch based Windows 8 OS, it launched Lenovo Yoga series. Not just one or two modes of laptop and tablets, it supported another two modes. Full 360 degree rotation made it easier for users to use it any manner. It has followed the Lenovo Yoga with Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 featuring better design and latest hardware.
There are also a lot of touchscreen laptops which is becoming quite popular technology these days.

Bundled software

Lenovo also adds some useful software in its laptops on top of Windows platform. Features like Cloud Storage- free cloud based storage from SugarSync, Instant Recovery- to recover data in case the OS gets corrupted, etc. are extremely valuable.

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