Tuesday, September 3, 2013

iPhone 5S: Easily grabs your attention towards itself

Apple has revolutionized the industry from the time it has launched its first iPhone in 2007. It strives to give tough competition to android devices mainly from Samsung, LG etc. Every time Apple come with a new flying color launch of it new phone, which grabs all the attention of the people and makes it poplar before the launch itself.
Every time when Apple announces its new launch, it gets a huge public response, before the launch itself. People start giving orders before launch only, so that when the phone is launched they will be among the first ones to enjoy its enhanced and fascinating features.

It seems that iPhone fans have to no longer wait for the new launch of iPhone. Apple has launched a new iPhone every year with more advancements in the features to flatter more and more public towards itself. It is a new rumour that it is expected that a new version of iPhone is going to be launched. This phone is expected to create a sensation among the users because this phone is slimmer, lighter and faster. Let's put some light on some of the advancement made on the phone such as:

  1. Screen: It is expected that iPhone 5S has larger screen size than the previous version. We expect the iPhone 5S to have a 4 inch screen with a resolution of 136x640 pixels. iPhone 5S has used the new IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) material.
  2. Design: iPhone 5S will reflect the look of iPhone 5 with some modifications. Which means it will follow the same Apple pattern which has a slim body with a lighter weight. Iphone 5S is expected to be lighter, slimmer than iPhone.
  3. Color: While the previous versions of iPhone come in only two colors, 5S will apparently come in a new color which is gold. The golden color of 5S will give a new look to the phone which would be different from all other versions. This new addition of color will gain a huge amount of appreciation from the users.
  4. Camera: Camera is the most important thing which users care about while choosing a phone. So, by keeping this requirement in mind, It is expected that this phone will be with highest camera pixels which is 12 megapixels. It is expected that this reason can solely be the reason of grabbing the attention of the users towards itself.
  5. Outlook Compatibility: This phone supports Microsoft Outlook. Like other iPhones this phone also synchronizes with Outlook.

Hence all these features gives you much hint that how advanced and eye catching is the new launch of iPhone So do not waste time and place your order to be among the first one to enjoy these features.

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