Monday, September 30, 2013

How to Take the Backup of All Your Outlook Mails Efficiently

Now in this modern era the main mode of communication is through mails, whether it is personal or professional. Professional mails are of higher priority, as they can be from our boss, colleagues, clients etc. Outlook is the most popular email client all over the world. Most of the people use Outlook as emails client for their professional use.

Sometimes it happens, while working on Outlook you notice that your Outlook mails all disappearing from the mailbox. This is due to corruption of the PST file. In that case you also loss access to PST files. In any such scenario, Backup file gives you a big relief. There are two ways to take the backup of all your important mails. They are:

Manual backup: In manual backup method, you copy or archive all the mails and save it to another folder. But this is a very time taking process. Larger the number of mails more will be the time taken to copy the mails from one folder to another. Hence this is not an efficient method of taking Outlook backup.

Automatic backup: In automatic method, backup of Outlook mails is done by using Mail backup software. There are many software available online for the same purpose. All these software guarantees for an efficient mail backup. This may create a confusion that which software to select. To avoid such confusion, while selecting an efficient mail backup software following features should be considered:

  1. Interactive User Interface: User interface of the software should be interactive so that people may find it easy to use.
  2. Security for the backup: Backup of the Outlook mails should be password protected to provide complete security.
  3. Free demo of the software available: Free demo version of the software should be available so that people may use it once before buying and see whether they are satisfied or not.
  4. Compatibility with all the versions of Outlook: Software should be compatible with all the version of Outlook and Window.

Stellar provides Mail backup software which satisfies all the above features expected from efficient mail backup software. Hence if you are looking for efficient mail backup software you can end your search with this software. For more details about the software, visit this site:

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