Sunday, July 28, 2013

Reasons Your Business Should Be Reaching For the Cloud

In a recent survey by Vanson Bourne, over 93 percent of executives stated that cloud computing would be important to their future business success. While some of these executives already used the cloud at work, many did not but had plans to do so soon. Cloud computing models help businesses of all sizes, achieve more with less and can offer significant benefits in terms of productivity, collaboration and reduced costs. 

Benefits of the cloud
·    Decreased costs - Purchasing all needed technology equipment up front gets expensive fast. With the cloud, you pay only for the amount of services you need and you do not pay for maintenance and upgrades. As your needs grow, purchase a larger package. Decreased up-front costs free up money elsewhere, so you can grow your business. 
·    Faster - Particularly if you have legacy equipment, you'll notice the cloud brings faster processing times. When they don't have to wait for applications to open or queries to complete, your employees can get more work done. 
·   Enhanced collaboration - When teams need to work together, the cloud shines: Employees can share files, chat about concerns, edit and review work together and keep track of reminders and to-do items in one handy place. Keeping everyone organized enhances productivity. 
·   Automated backup - Clouds offer the ability to automate backups on a monthly, weekly or daily schedule and to ensure continuous backup of files and folders. When something happens to the server, computer or file, the cloud has you covered with a convenient backup. 
·  24/7 security monitoring and customer service - Your IT workers go home at the end of the workday, and getting a hold of them when something goes wrong can be difficult. With cloud-based servers, your vendor provides constant security monitoring and can alert you of any security breaches. Additionally, you will receive 24/7 customer support and troubleshooting. Not only thing can bring peace of mind that you're covered if you need help, it can come in handy before an important deadline. 
Cloud models 
There are several cloud options to choose from, and understanding the advantages of each can help you plan. Private clouds are dedicated only to your business; public clouds host other businesses' data in addition to yours. The former are more secure than public clouds.  In general, clouds come in three distinct models: 
· Software as a Service (SaaS) - Offers cloud-based applications that let you create, store and share on the cloud. Easy to install for all types of business. 
·  Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) - Offers the basic cloud structure - network and storage for all your data needs. Easy to install for all types of business. 
·  Platform as a Service (PaaS) - Offers space for custom application development and deployment, and requires developed staff to utilize this type of cloud service. 
With so many cloud benefits, it's no wonder that executives are eager to reach for the clouds. Increasingly, the question is not whether a business will join the cloud, but when. Review cloud providers and choose your preferred service to save money and worksmarter. 

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