Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Outlook 2013 - With new look and advanced features

Change and enhancement is needed for everything to maintain its existence, same is the case with Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email clients. So in order to maintain its popularity, enhancement is done in Outlook and a new version Microsoft Outlook 2013 released with pretty good number of enhancement.

Noteworthy features:

Look and visibility: Outlook 2013 is launched with different changes and enhanced features. The first noticeably change is its look. This time Outlook has kept in mind about the convenience of the user that is why it is mainly focusing on the visibility of its important components such as emails, calendar, and contacts. So as the user can use these components easily.

Installation: The other thing to be noticed in this version of Outlook is that it do not require separate installation, whereas it can be installed alongside with existing Outlook version.

Email Alerts: This version of Outlook also facilitates the option of providing alert on the arrival of any new mail. It provides a similar feature as Window 8, where a pop up appears on the right corner of the screen whenever a new mail comes. This helps the user to get an alert of a new mail without opening the email interface.
Weather Forecast Bar: Outlook 2013 has also included a weather bar in the Calendar, which helps the users to schedule their further meetings and appointments accordingly. It gives you the weather forecast of the next three days by default. And For further deep information you can click on each forecast. Another exciting feature of this weather bar is you can then add those cities in this bar to know the feather forecast where you frequently visit. This helps you in managing you visit to particular place depending o the weather. In this List you can add as many locations you want.
User friendly mailbox and preview: This time the mailbox is more user friendly than earlier version. Here, you can get the preview of the message in the message list from which you can identify the body of the message. So that you can distinguish among the important mails which needs to be handled first and which needs to be tackled afterwards.

Details at one place: In this version of Outlook you can maintain all your contact details in one place. Here you can collects all the information regarding phone number, email, address etc.

Here it also provides the option of searching your important mails, attachments, calendar, appointment etc. These features of Outlook 2013 gives you ease in such situation where you want to check you important mail, attachments, or appointment without wasting any time. Thus now managing your email application is much easier with Outlook 2013.

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