Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Microsoft Surface - A vision to Make New Category of Computing World

Microsoft surface is the latest buzz in technology world. Largest tech giant, Microsoft has launched this product with vision of unique category for computing world. If all things are going well with expected results as planned by Microsoft then it would be possible without miracle. According to features, it is something between tablets and laptops. With Microsoft surface, a user has the right to use any distinct device like iPad or notebook. But reality is shocking that it is neither tablet nor laptop. It may be expected to replace legacy tablets. This product has been released on October 26, 2012 and has hit its store in New York the day after release.

Due to several features, it competes with other tablets. Microsoft surface has a number of features as follows:

1- 10.6'' screen size with HD picture quality
2- It falls in two versions – Surface RT and Surface Pro
3- Newbie O.S. - Windows 8
4- Supports 32 GB and 64 GB internal storage for Surface RT 64 GB and 128GB are coming in Surface Pro category.
5- Thin keyboard
6- Comes with kickstand to provide better view
7- Use either in tablet form or laptop

Whenever you are planning for weekend then you can easily carry this device. The kickstand can be used as a showcase for better portability. You have opportunity to work on documents, applications or files with extremely thin keyboard. From a user’s point of view, this device has remarkable features to attract millions of users. The basic objective of Microsoft regarding the release of Surface is to provide an optimum level of satisfaction with its satisfactory results. According to most users, they have never used such types of devices.

After seeing the review from the web, it is considered that it directly hits the empire of Apple's iPad. In legacy tablets, it can bind users to fulfil fun purpose only. In the era of Microsoft Surface, you can use the device for fun and work purpose both. To avail both functionalities in a single product is assumed to be the best move for budget friendly deals. So, take a deep breath and be prepared to grab this laptop-cum-tablet device.

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